Split Second: Competition

In a split second, her life was changed drastically and completely.


1. Split Second.

I was flung across the room, everything seemed a daze.


'You're head definitely hurts' I confirmed, wow.. I'm an idiot!

'You might die' my heart began racing, I had no desire to die, or to leave this earth. But there was something making me leave..


"No!" I screeched. Standing up, small birds danced around my head.

"You're not going to die, Kaylee!" I cried to myself. Watching the darkness that surrounded me, he could be anywhere, IT could be anywhere!


I was thrown across the room, my head banged against the grand piano.. I assumed it was a grand piano..


"You can't kill me, leave me" I whispered. The dark shadows stood in front of my lifeless body, I couldn't move.  Their red eyes pierced through my body like sharp spears.

"You're.. You're a vampire.." I gasped.

"I didn't know they.. or I mean.. YOU, were real" I questioned myself, I hardly spoke. Quietly he walked towards me and bent down. His cold breath against my warm blooded neck.


I began screaming. My leg was in excruciating pain, I tried to touch it, but there was unfortunately no use. I felt my body screaming inside, frustrated, I screeched in pain. Every part of my body felt like I was changing, I was turning into a monster, and I knew it myself.


"Well, guess what? You're now one too" He smirked and walked off.


"Oh! Remember to feed yourself, we don't want a newborn to starve" he laughed and slammed the door. Darkness continued to surround me I felt my body release unknown energy.


I stood up, thirsty for blood.

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