The Other Twins-Transformers

Mary Sue Jones is Sam Witwicky's best friend, but what happens when they get thrown into the world of Transformers? And why does Mary have so many secrets?


10. Chapter Ten-Angel's Twin

Chapter 10

Suddenly, I hear Jazz, faintly, dare someone, "You want a piece of me?!"
Then, Megatron's voice, "No, I want two." And I knew what he was going to do. No. No, he can't. Time seems to stop. Then, I'm shaking. I can't stop and I don't want to. My snowy hair turns black, shrinking up to just above my shoulders. My eyes change, one turning black, the other red and blue. My clothes are changing, my canines growing, my nails sharpening, my senses heightening. And then, my sister, Animal, takes over. I roar, and all is quiet.
Even the Decepticons have stopped, and are staring at me. I sprint on all fours and run up the side of the building Megatron and Jazz are on, biting down on Megatron's energon lines. I see nothing but my prey, smelling the Cybertronian's blood.
Everything happened so fast, Megatron's mind hasn't processed the pain. Then he screams. Jazz starts to fall toward the earth, catching himself. I start to jump down and everyone wakes from their daze. Mainly Starscream. I jump and he aims his missiles. He shoots and hits me in the chest. I fall, eyes wide open, watching the world go dark.

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