The real world

A girl named Allie goes to a party and she met's a guy, but will he treat he like her last ex boyfriends? stay turned to find out.


1. The call

 I am on twitter when i hear my phone ring. It was my friend Lilly. " Hey do you want to go to a party with me tonight"? she asked. " Sure , i don't have anything else to do" i replied. She then said 'Ok be ready at eight, i will pick you up". I put on a black short dress with a jean jacket and my new gray high heels. Five minutes later i heard Lilly beep her car horn. I ran down stairs grabbed my purse and headed out the door. 

We was driving to the party when Lilly suddenly shut the radio off and says " So Allie  there is this guy i have been talking to , and he has a friend''. I stopped her then i said " Lilly i am still not over what mark did to me , you know that". Lilly then looked at me with a serious look on her face. "Ok , i will stop bringing it up" she said. 

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