The Vanished World

Andromeda and the milky way have collided flingly Planet V97 out of the galaxy. There their planet starts to orbit another star. Out in the middle of nowhere they make their own galaxy consisting of a star, a planet, and 13 moons. The V97 is changed violently by this and the small group of survivors find themselves in a different world, and must learn the new ways of V97, or as it now known as the vanished Plant.


2. a different world

Andromeda stepped out of her cocoon and flapped her giant bat wings lazily. She estimated she had been sleeping for about 10,000 years in her cocoon. She had gone to sleep when V97 was flung out of the galaxy. She remembered the sudden movement under her feet, as V97 rocketed away from the galaxy at half the speed of light. She remembered the continual roar as they passed the speed of sound. And last of all she remembered cocooning with her ears throbbing. She shuddered invoeterly. 

"All that's behind you now," she told herself. She jumped at the sound of her voice. It sounded different, lower. She dragged in a shuddering breath the first she had in many years. The air was different too. It was heavier and thick, and moist like the air before a storm.

She looked at her cocoon, it was tattered. "I don't need it," she thought out loud. She touched it and brought the webbing up into her fingers.

She  got up and started walking up the hill, hoping to get a glimpse of the sky. After walking for miles she realized she wasn't getting anywhere, near the top. So she elected for plan B. Climb a tree. Usually she would just fly but there wasn't any take off room.

When she reached the top of the tree she gasped. Gone was the planet she knew, instead in one direction jungles stretched as far as the eye could see. In the other she could just catch as glimpse of the sea. And when she looked up she was shocked. The sun was much bigger and it gave off a golden light instead of the blueish white light of the dying white dwarf star she was accustomed to.

Idely she noticed that even when her body was in shut down it had continued to grow skin on her arms and now skin and nerves completely covered the dead white bones. She remembered asking her parents when she was little why she had bone sticking out of her shoulders.

She could still hear her mother telling her "You have bones in your shoulders because along time ago people didn't have arms. But there were stories of when people settled here they had arms and legs but no wing. But you can have arms and wing and legs at the same time without genetic engineering. So ours just fell off. But some genius figured out if you surgically attached arms to a bat/human's shoulders and put hormones in the skin there that the skin and muscles and nerves would grow to cover them. But this was all before you were born and when you were we had it done to you so it would start working faster." Her mother told her. Andromeda smiled, those were the good times. Her smile faded her parents might not be alive now. Her eyes started to mist. She shook her self. If they were alive she would find them in all due time. For now she needed to find a good place to stay. This planet was nothing like the V79 she knew. Who knows what lived here.

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