my bestfriend

I'm Megan Williams. My ex boyfriend is Austin Mahone. What happens when me and Austin meet again and I meet my idol Justin Bieber...?Well you'll just have to read to find out(:


13. 13

Megan's POV

We all got loaded onto the RV Justin rented

Jeremy was driving so Jazzy, Jaxon, Justin, Pattie and I were in the back 

I was sitting on the couch & Jazzy was on my lap & Jaxon was next to me holding onto my arm

Justin and Pattie were at the table that was sitting across from us 

Jaxon forced us to watch Spiderman.. actually him and Justin really forced us to

Jazmyn turned around to look at me "can you braid my hair?"

"of course"

I started french braiding her hair & she looked adorable. I was done in about 3 minutes

I took my hair out of the messy bun & started french braiding it

"hey Jaz, you want me to put a cute bandanna in your hair like mine?"

She nodded her head really fast

I had a pink bandanna on like a head band

"okay, what's your favorite color?" I asked her


"oh my goodness me too!"

"BEST FRIENDS!!" I laughed at her, she's so cute

"Jazzy, are you trying to steal my best friend?" Justin asked

"i can't steal something that's already mine" she crossed her arms over her chest

"oh someone's gonna get a visit from the TICKLE MONSTER" he walked closer with every word he said and then started tickling her

"Justin stop, you're gonna mess up her hair" I laughed & he stopped

"girls" he huffed

"GUYS STOP THIS IS THE GOOD PART" Jaxon yelled & let out a giggle

Jazmyn ran to get us a snack

She came back with a big bag of pretzels

"your girls hair looks so nice? You know how to french braid? I love  it!" Pattie said sitting back down

"yes, hahaa thank you!"

"would you mind doing mine?"

"of course not! Jazzy, can you go pick her out a pretty bandanna?"

she hopped off the couch and got the last pink bandanna

"LOOK NOW WE'RE ALL MATCHING!" she jumped up and down

I finished Pattie's hair like 5 minutes later

"oh my goodness! It looks so good! you did it so fast! how'd you learn?" she asked while she was admiring her hair in the mirror

"oh thank you. and my friend's mom is a hair dresser, so whenever I go to her house she teaches me how to do some!"

"can we take a picture?!" Jazzy asked

"TAKE IT ON SHOTS" Justin yelled from the other room

"Justin be quiet" I laughed at him

we walked back into where the couches were and jazzy sat on my lap & Pattie sat next to me. I handed Justin my phone and told him to take the picture

He handed it back to me & we looked at the picture

"I LOVVEE ITT!!" Jazzy screamed

I laughed at her & posted it on instagram

@meganwilliams: camping :) @pattiemallette @jazmynbieber 

Then Pattie reposted it 

@pattiemallette: camping trip!! #repost from @meganwilliams the talent this girl has, I'm telling you!!! thank you Meg!!! Me & @jazmynbieber appreciate & love our hair so much!!! #triplets

Justin's POV

my phone started to ring.. it was from Selena.. oh god. I never talked to her about the trip

I nervously answered it

"uhm hello?"


"hey Sel" I scratched the back of my neck

"so you wanna tell me why Megan is on a camping trip with you? I thought we were going to work on us!!" she yelled through the phone. I had to hold the phone away from my ear

"I know. we are."

"are you going to answer me?"

before I could even answer Meg took my phone and started talking to Selena.

"hey Sel. it's Meg"

"why are you with him on a family camping trip?"

"uhm. it's a long story actually. Austin bailed on me this weekend & I'm having family problems right now and I wanted to get away from everyone. I talked to Justin & he said he was going on a camping trip and I just thought camping would be a good way to get away. I know I should have asked you first, it's just that he's my best friend and I really needed him now. We aren't sleeping together no. I promise nothing will happen. Don't be mad at him okay? if anyone be mad at me. I should have talked to you first. Okay. I'll talk to you later. I will, okay love you too. bye" and she hung up

"I owe you big time"

"don't mention it" she handed me my phone back

She didn't understand how much that saved me. Selena and I would have been arguing for hours and she wouldn't have left me alone. Either she's blow up my phone or be at my house when we got back & I'd never hear the end of it. She always blows things out of proportion

Megan's POV

"WE'RE HERREE" Jeremy yelled from the front & stopping the RV

We all got out 

"okay so we need to set up the tents and then get sticks for the fire. so who wants to do what?" Jeremy said

"Well I can go get sticks if someone wants to come with me?" I said

"okay. I'll go with you & then Justin and Pattie you can start setting up the tents? We'll figure out who's sleeping where later. but for now set up 3"

They all nodded their heads & then Jeremy and I started walking to get wood

"it's so beautiful here" I said admiring nature

"it is. It's nice to get out of the busy hectic world every so often & just come out and enjoy the nature"


"so how did you and Justin meet?"

"uhm well I won this contest on the Today show & I got to meet him. And we just like clicked & got along really well at first so we hung out the whole week we were in New York & then our friendship just continued. so yeaah"

"Well that's good. I'm glad you're in his life"

"I'm glad he's in my life"

"so you guys aren't dating?"

"hahaha no. I have a boyfriend"

Jeremy stopped walking "and he let you come with Justin here?"

"yea. Well okay so it's complicated. but my boyfriend is Austin.. Austin Mahone & he's always like busy and stuff so that's why me and Justin hangout so much"

"gotcha. gotcha. I understand now. but you really do bring out the best in him. I can't even think of a time he'e been so happy. Now that you're in his life, he's smiling & laughing so much more, he's made time for other people and pushed his work 2nd in his life. I don't know, he's really just happy. I don't know what I could ever do to make this up to you. I really don't. I feel like I owe you my life. 20 years... my son has been smiling for the camera & always pretending he's okay. And I can't believe I bought that.. he never asked for help. but when you came  into the picture, it all changed. Thank you." there were tears in his eyes

"oh sir, you don't owe me anything. giving birth to him is payment enough. He saved my life & I can't even begin to tell you the impact he's made on my life. He's an amazing person. He's going to do great things. He's going to change the world. His mind set is always so positive & he knows what he wants in life. he's my hero."

Jeremy dropped the sticks that were in his hands and hugged me and just cried... happy tears

i guess until now, I never realized when people said how happy i made Justin.. that they actually meant it.

Justin changed my life in more ways than what I could explain to people. he is my hero & I thank God everyday to be where I am in my life right now with him

"I'm sorry" Jeremy laughed wiping his eyes

"it's okay" I laughed. "thank you for  saying all of that to me. it makes me feel like I'm doing something right in life" 

"you are, believe me. I know you and Justin aren't dating.. but it's obvious"

"what's obvious?"

"you are in love with each other"

'no we aren't"

"yes you are. The way you look at each other is out of pure love & kindness"

"because we're best friends"

"you got him out of so much shit with Selena today"

"I just didn't want her to be mad at him. not everything can possibly be his fault & I didn't want to start this trip off with drama"

"he helped you when Austin stood you up"

"best friends do that"

"Megan. I'm going to tell you this as a friend to a friend.. you and Justin are in love with each other. It's obvious to everyone. One day.. not today, not tomorrow.. but one day you'll both realize this. I promise you that. The relationship that you and him have is something that I wish I would have had"

"thank you" I slightly smiled

"can I ask you something?"

"of course"

"do you think I'm a good father?"

"i do. why are you asking me though?" I was confused

"because all my life I've been told I wasn't. And I feel like you would tell me the truth"

"Well, I've never talked about you with Justin.. so I don't know what goes on behind like what the media  says. It doesn't matter what the past was, if that's what you're worried about. Focus on right now. No one has a perfect past, and if you think you weren't a good father, then you can change it now. Justin seems to have a great relationship with you & Jazzy and Jaxon look up to you so much. It shouldn't matter how other's view you. as long as you love your kids... I think that's what makes a great father."

"thank you." he smiled "so when's the wedding" he laughed

"you're not giving up on this are you?" we both laughed

Jeremy had me & him take a picture on his timer camera

@jeremybieber: collecting sticks for the campfire tonight with @meganwilliams. and let me tell you, she's an inspirational person. I don't usually like to get mushy & open up. But the conversation we had I can't believe I cried. I'm so happy she's in my son's life and stays forever. She's a great person & although I've only known her a few hours, I feel like after the talk with her today.. I have become a better person. @justinbieber you have a great best friend. 


All of us were sitting around the fire.. it was now sunset & I was helping Jazzy & Justin was helping Jaxon roast marshmallows for smores

Pattie took a picture of us while we weren't looking

Justin and I were sitting next to each other on the foldable chairs. Jazzy on my lap & Jaxon on his I was looking at the stick with the marshmallow on it in the same direction as Jazzy & Jaxon was whispering in Justin's ear & Justin was looking at me smiling.. Also Jaxon's marshmallow was on fire.... HAHAAH

@pattiemallette: great way to end the first day of camp. I love this pic!! @justinbieber @meganwilliams @jazmynbieber @jaxonbieber

Justin looked at his phone "MOMMMMM! I wasn't looking at the camera" he whined

"because you were looking at the love of your life" Jeremy said

and that's when I realized.. maybe I really was in love with my best friend.

I guess there's only one way to find out

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