Matter of Timing


1. Chapter 1

Really CVA? Really? You have me wake up early on an Saturday morning to attend school, to email me the morning of, it has been cancelled? I never doubted for a second how much I hated this school. You exude some much energy into this place, you can barely function. Me thinking that I'm going for SAT prep, now I'm standing outside the school like an idiot. I could of been asleep right now. And to believe, the struggle I endured for a train to get here early.

Now I'm walking down the streets of Chelsea at 9:36 A.M.. What now? I know I am not going home. I didn't leave my house early just to go back home. I might as well find a library to start some assignments in. I have a shit load of books in my bag and they might as well be put to good use. I whip out my phone and asked Siri where the nearest New York Public Library is. I start heading down sixth avenue, like the sleep deprived zombie I am, when this guy frantically collides into me. Making my bag and the books inside sprawl across the New York City sidewalk. This is just my morning.

"Shit! Mam, I am so sorry." As he helps pick up my books.

"It's fine." I say as I try to muffle the tone of aggravation in my voice.

"I know you don't care but I'm sort of having a dilemma." He says while his face lights up with a spark of hope.

I nod as a pick the lasts of my papers off the concrete.

"Would it be crossing boundaries if I asked you a favor that basically depends on my life and career?"

I come to my feet and stare blankly at this man who may or may not be crazy.

"Do you realize you're asking a seventeen-year old girl to hold the dependencies of your life and career in her hands?" I say as the words flow out of my mouth with obvious sarcasm. I swear I'm usually not this vocal, especially with strangers on the street but I couldn't help it.

"I don't have enough time to explain but this is urgent. I'm having a family emergency but I have to get something somewhere fast! I'm sorry if I might come off as crazy but this is really important to the company I work with. If you have somewhere to be, that's okay."

I'm still staring blankly at this stranger who seems to be in a state of desperation. Clearly he has to be desperate if he's asking a teenaged girl to hold the future of his career in their hands. Before I can even analyze how crazy the words about to come out of my mouth are, they come out.

"Um, okay. Sure. But can I know what I'm helping you deliver?"

"It's more than a delivery. Shit, they might think I'm crazy getting a stranger to do my job. Whatever, I'll call them later!"

"So I'm doing a job?"

"I promise, what's your name by the way?"

"LJ. Just call me LJ."

"I promise you LJ, you'll get reimbursed for your time!"

He begins to explain my task rapidly as I try to absorb it all.

I was doing an okay job at comprehending my task until he started debating with himself whether he should mention a certain aspect, I assume is important, to me.

He ends with giving me an address to the location I'm fulfilling his job in. As we're ready to depart he gives me the final piece of the puzzle I've been yearning to know, who am I doing this for? As I'm reanalyzing everything he has thrown at me, he utters words I'd never expect to come out of his mouth.

"You're aware of who One Direction is right?"

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