2 years after the epuloge of Alliegent Tobias (four) is still greiving over Beatrices death. But one night he receives a phone call that changes his life forever.........


1. The Call

I walk into my aparment and set my stuff down. Today i became a politition. The councle elected me because of my "words". I dont know what that means but my mother had said the same thing when she came back to the city about two years ago. Nothing much has changed sence then exept that my apartment is alittle more fernished with a TV and a computer. I walk over to the table to see that I have 4 missed phone calls (everyone now has some type of phone to make talking with friends and family easyer and to track the people who are planning or trying to rebell).

I click on the home screen to see that the calls were from "unknown". I tap on the number to redail. No answer. "Its probably just a wrong number" I think to myself, Before the phone rings. I pick it up, and its from the same person. I jab the accept butten.

"hello?" i say into the phone. "Oh my god Tobias is that you?!" The person on the other end exclaims. "Yes, who is this?" I ask. How does this person know my name? But the voice sounds so famililure, like it's a part of my. No.... it cant be... shes.....

"Tris?" I ask the person on the other line. I know its an imposible thought but I swear its her.

"Yes!" Tris exclaims. "Oh my... Were are you?!" I exclaim wanting to burst into tears. " Tobias, meet me at the old Abnegation cector." She says. "Okay." I say and hang up.

My mind is raceing with thoughts. How is she alive? And if she is alive, then whos body did I see? Or more Importantly, Whos ashes did I spread?

I grab my keys and my coat and run down the hall to go and meet Tris. Im almost at the elevator until litterally run into Christina.

"What the hell?!" Christina exclaims.

"sorry!" I say. I get up brush my self off, and offer my hand to Christina to help her up. She accepts it and I pull her up. "whats the big rush four?" She asks. "Its nothing, and dont call me that." I say. "well its obviously something since you wont tell me, and you were running up the hall" she says. "And dont lie,my candor scenses havent left me."

I sigh. "Fine, Im about to go meet someone."

"Who is it?" She asks. Should I tell her. That Tris is alive, or thats what I think. Can I trust her?

"I'll explain later." I say. I turn on my heel, and run to the elevator. "Not yet." I think.

Once Im on the first floor, I run to the train tracks.

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