Thalita's Diary

Thalita and Ella are best friends and they both auditioned for a video clip. 10 girls we're going to dance in the video clip and Thalita and Ella got in! When practicing, both of them find different friends and they also meet people that will ruin their lifes and people that will give them opportunities in life. After a one year, Thalita recives a call from the singer Austin Blue. he wants her to participate in his new video. after lots of days together, they start going out. That makes Ella mad, because Thalita is always with Austin, so Ella has a plan that could show Thalita the real Austin. P.S.: CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO POST THE STORY???




Dear Diary, I just bought you so I’m going to tell you a little bit about me: My name is Thalita Jones and I’m 16 years old. I know someone my age doesn’t write a diary, but my aunt once told me that she had a diary and that she wrote in her diary that one day she would marry a guy named Marcelo, they were going to have a daughter called Blanca and then they would break up. At that age, she thought it was never going to happen, so she ripped that page. Years later she married a guy called Marcelo, had a daughter called Julia :( and about 2 years after that they broke up! So I decided to write a diary, just to tell my nephews that I’m not crazy!! I am British and my best friend’s name is Ella. We both love music and dancing, but we don’t know how to sing! We sing just like that Brazilian family singing “Para nossa alegria”, on YouTube.  Right now me and Ella just got from school. Tonight we’re going to a sleepover ate Lily’s place. 8 girls are going. It’s her birthday. Me and Ella are getting changed. We’re going to the pool. After that we’re having a shower and going to Lily’s. So I guess I’ll only write tomorrow! Bye!

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