Luna's Life

Luna obviously isn't your 'average' girl, I mean like come on, what child gets chased all her life by people trying to kill her! She is a supernatural being of the highest having the blood of almost every paranormal/supernatural being out there. Luna bounces between supernatural and human orphanage's, to keep her alive and safe, free from danger. But danger is something that follows Luna everywhere she goes. What happens when she meets the Queen and the Elders? Who else is after her life? We will just have to see...


1. Prologue

*This is my first time posting my story up on anything so please bare with me. Plus this is my first full story*


All I can hear is my heavy breathing and gun shots rushing up behind me. Running anywhere my wolf legs will take me that's safe, free from the 'things" trying to kill me. These 'things' happen to be advanced beings created to keep the supernatural world in check, so to speak. Shelter, Safety, and Food, all I can think about is these three things. Why do they hate me so much? Why are they bent on killing me? And how come I can only remember very little from my past?

Zooooom! I leap back in shock as a bullet zoomed past my ear. keep running, keep running, I repeat to myself over and over as I tried to run faster. feeling myself slow down, desperately looking for a place to hide, I shifted back into human form and ran over to hide.

"Where could that girl have gone!?" demanded the repulsively deformed 'thing' Guessing that he was the leader of this group of 'things' I decided to listen to why he is trying to kill me.

"The Queen needs this girl to be locked up. She is too dangerous to mankind and the supernatural race." He said while continuing his rant.

"Excuse me sir but why is she so dangerous. This girl seems to be only around 5 year old?" said someone who looked like a werewolf out of the movie's. 

"This girl was created by the Elders against the Queen's orders..." I didn't hear the rest because I blacked out before he could carry on.



A blinding white light... is what I'm seeing right now. Who am I? What am I doing here? Questions being left unanswered, swarming my head. As my eyes adjust to the light another question arises. Who are these nut-jobs staring at me? I try to move and talk but I can't?!?! Suddenly a burst of power goes through me with the force of a lightning bolt. All my bonds that tie me down disintegrate right before my eye's. My hair whips around, while my power is causing me to float and levitate things around me. Anything that comes close to me is thrown, I only know this because one of the nut-job's came closer and is thrown back, while I watch.

"She's powerful." someone behind me mumbled.

"Of course she is we created her." another one answered back. I whip around just in time to see two of what looked like the oldest of the weirdo's I call nut-jobs.

"I wonder how intelligent she is?" the older nut-job said, "Maybe she can't..."

"Hello," I cut him off sarcastically. "What's going on? Who are you? Where am I?" they start talking again completely ignoring me.

"Excuse me, but don't pretend that I'm a stupid person that's not here!" I huffed, happy that I finally got their attention, "Can you please answer my questions? Before I do something you will all regret."

"Ok, Ok, no need to be hasty," replied a nut-job with transparent sparkle wings, "We are the Elders of the Supernatural Realm. I am Marigold Elder of Fairies." she said while gesturing to herself.

"This is Chloe Elder of Witch's. Heaven over there is the Elder of Angel's. Xena here is the Elder of Vampire's, and Moon is the Elder of Shape-Shifters like werewolf's and stuff like that. The Elder of Elves is Sapphire over there. And our dear Serenity is Elder of the Nature Sprit's." stated Marigold as she pointed to each person.

"Ok you answered one of my questions, now for the rest. Who am I? What am I doing here?" I asked still confused.

"Luna is the name we gave you," said Moon as she walks towards me, "You were named after me because I created most of who you are. Your physical appearance was created by me, but we all gave you our powers."

"You were created by us and our magic because we feel that the supernatural world will be in trouble sometime in the future," Serenity said softly, "But you must leave before Queen Amber finds out that your here."

"Ok but where will I go?" I questioned franticly.

"Anywhere your legs will take that's safe. GO NOW!" Xena said as she yelled the last part. Slowly they disappear and the door slam's open. Grotesque ugly looking 'things' march through the door with armed guns. A beautiful lady with long multi-colored hair walks through the door.

"I am Queen Amber." she stated, her voice full of authority, "You are to be killed or imprisoned for the immense power you posse." That is all I need to hear, I run like my life depends on it, which it does, out of the castle. As soon as I got outside I shift into what I think is a wolf and run anywhere that's safe. 

Upon finding an abandoned house, I rush to take shelter inside. Noises come from everywhere inside that creaky old house. Slowly words come from the noises.

"We can't just LEAVE her to fend for herself! We have to help Heaven, we have to help Luna!" yelled a voice that sounded like Sapphire's!?!?

"All we can do is tell her about the safe haven we found. I'm sorry Sapphire." Heaven calmly stated back with a hint of sadness in her voice. I take that as my chance to walk in.

"What's going on? Why would I be sent to a safe haven? Can't you protect me? Where even is this safe haven?" I question as panic begins to rise.

"All will be reviled to you soon, but for now try and find the orphanage in Canada that has this symbol." said Heaven as she handed me a piece of paper. Slowly they begin to disappear for the second time today.

"Why Canada?" I mumble to myself looking at the paper Heaven gave me, "Canada's over the ocean. Why can't I stay here in England?" I know it's futile to argue, but still why does it have to be over the ocean?

"Oh well. Time to find this symbol." I said looking at the odd symbol on the paper. the symbol's a circle with in an eight-point star. Inside of the star is a crescent moon.




*Flashback Over*


Why am I so weak? I questioned myself while trying to move. If only I could open my eyes. Forcing my eyelids open, I squint at all the light flooding in.

"W-W-Where am I?" I asked myself, stuttering from being so weak. Not expecting anyone to reply.

"You are in my car." stated a voice that sounded slightly familiar. I look around, since my eyes are now used to the light. I'm shocked by what I see, the "Things", are in this car. The guy who spoke to me was a half man half wolf, and there was a "Thing" on either side of me.

"I have to pick up something from the dock, on the Queens orders." said the half man half wolf, "My name is Bob by the way...I was cursed by Moon for not following the pack rules. That's why I'm half wolf half human, instead of a werewolf." I felt sad for him, he probably can't go out in public because of the curse. He must have done something really bad to make Moon angry and curse him. I snap out of my thought when a "Thing" beside me spoke.

"Get out, stretch your legs. It's a long drive to Queen Amber's palace." As I walked out of the car I noticed two things. One was that we were at the dock, the second was that they put a tracking device on my leg.

"Hey guys I'll take her with me." Bob said with and evil glint in his eyes, "I'll get her to do the heavy lifting." I heard the click of my tracking device, I guess that meant I could go farther now. I followed Bob down the dock, and behind a crate.

"Come here, Luna." Bob calmly stated. I walk over to where he is, afraid about what he might do. His evil glinted eyes are long gone and are replaced by sympathetic ones.

"No need to be afraid of me; I'm on your side. Moon sent me to set you off on your way." he said while frantically trying to take my tracking device off. Finally managing to ripe the tracking device to shreds he said,

"Take that boat at the end of the dock. It will take you all the way to Canada. Now GO before they COME!!!!!!!!" I take off running as soon as I hear the "Things" starting to come. I don't really know what's happening right now, my vision and strength are failing me. Stumbling onto a boat, that I hope was the right one, I slowly begin to fade out. The last thing I hear is,

"Alright boys we're headed to Canada!" then I fully passed out.


*Later at a dock in Canada*

Honk Honk Honk

That's what I wake up to...the sounds of boats and ships honking their horns.

"Well well, look who we have here?" I heard a rough voice say, "Looks like we got us a stole away boys." I looked up and saw big burly ship men grinning.

"Let's get her boys!" he shouted. I ran off the boat foolishly landing in the sea, instantly becoming sopping wet. I swam to the other side of the dock, climbed out, and ran as fast as possible. I didn't stop running until I was an arm's length away from a building wall. I take a few steps back and realize that this is the place I was meant to be, this place has the symbol.

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