The Flock

" 'You realize, Steel, that if you join the Flock, you'll be rebelling against you father, right?' Asked Jay. 'Yeah,' Was his answer." This is a quote from the In Progress book by mwah.

In this book the character's have code names. Bird code names. I wrote this with a fiend on another website and it went back and forth with eachother. Sorry if alot of different things are going on.


1. Characters

Name: Jane

Bird Nickname: Jay

Age: 13

Appearence: Middle of back length dark brown/black hair. Gray eyes.

Weapon: Steel knife with a golden hilt.

Personality: Defensive of members of the Flock. (Don't mess with her,) Nice once you know her. Mourning over the death of fellow member Dove. (Daniel)

Other: None.


Name: Colin

Bird Nickname: Canary

Age: 14

Appearence: Brown/Blonde long hair (For a boy long.) Messy hair. Yellow golden eyes.

Weapon: Small steel knife. Ripped out of a pocket knife, fitted with a blue hilt.

Personality: The jokster of the Flock. Cares about the Flock. Misses his mother who was killed by a Razor. (The bad guys who work for Neever Eskape)

Other: Has slight crushed on two members of the Flock.


Name: Rebecca
Bird Nickname: Robin
Age: 13
Appearance: Waist length brown hair with brown eyes.
Weapon: Knife. (No description)
Personality: Nice, flowing character of the group. Misses her brother.
Other: Likes Canary.


Name: Hillary
Bird Nickname: Hawk
Age: 14
Appearance: Short grey/brown hair, amber eyes.
Weapon: Large survival grade knife.
Personality: Snippy, snoopy, and kind of droopy. (How Canary describes her,) Which means, she's mean, sneaky, and sad about Dove's death.
Other: Loved Dove.


Name: Rachel
Bird Nickname: Raven
Age: 13 1/2
Appearance: Small for her age. Short black hair, spiky (like Thalia's from PJO) and penetrating amber eyes.
Weapon: Dagger she hides in her boot
Personality: Very perceptive. Doesn't smile often in public but when it's only with her friends she does smile, sometimes. Also stubborn and does not give up easily. Rachel/Raven can also stay hidden and spy very well (including that she can pick locks, walk almost silently and stay still for a few hours if need be)
Other: Her family is dead     Name: Barrett
Bird Nickname: Blue-Jay
Age: 14 1/2
Appearance: Sandy hair and hazel eyes. Average face.
Weapon: 6 inch long knife he carries strapped to his leg
Personality: Very protective of tiny people. He kind of took Raven under his wing when he found her and now they're like siblings
Other: Blue-Jay found Raven before anyone else found her and brought her to the Flock     Name: Cassidy
Bird Nickname: Cardinal
Age: 12
Appearance: Mousy brown hair that reaches shoulders. Small nose, freckles, green eyes.
Weapon: Bow and Arrow.
Personality: Nice overall, mean when provoked.
Other: Still startled at death. Sister to Finch.

Name: Felicity
Bird Nickname: Finch
Age: 15
Appearance: Long golden hair in a braid, golden yellow eyes.
Weapon: Large knife
Personality: Doesn't trust people that well, defensive of her sister.
Other: Hates the razors more than anyone. Sister to Cardinal.    
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