5SOS Imagines and Preferences <3

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I repeat...first IMAGINE, therefore it's not the preference one. :)


3. His morning text [Preference]

Luke: "Good morning, babe! I know you might still be asleep but I wanna be the first one who greets you. I love you tons, sweet cheeks! ❤️😍😘 Having been away from you is killing me.

😫🔫 3 months and 5 days more till i'm home, my love!"

Ashton: "Morning, love! Did you eat breakfast? Hope you did. I don't want you getting sick. Take care of yourself, okay? I'll be home soon, love. ❤️ I miss you so much..I love you! 😘😍"

Michael: "Hii, sweetheart! Good morning! Gosh, I miss waking up next to you..seeing your gorgeous face first thing every morning. I'll call on Facetime later, sweetie. You better answer..😂😂 Anyways, love you bunch! 😘😘❤️ miss you already!"

Calum: "How's my princess? ;) Hope you're doing great. I miss you so much, baby. I need you here with me. A few more weeks and i'm home, baby. Take care always and i'll call you later, okay? 😘"

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