Love is weird and so am I

I'm a Alpha but a girl so other pack's Alphas call me weak until they pick a fight with me and lose to me my name is Emma Killson my mom is dead and my dad left no one knows why he left or ware he is. I'm 16 i stared turning when i was 10 because i had over whelming pain in my lungs. My pain caused by my ribs being to close to my lungs.


1. Normal day? Not today :'(



                                        Emma's p.o.v

        Its new years eve and i'm crying. I posted a sad face on friend talk a new app I just got. I sent my pack to a party the I was never going to because I let my sadness come out once a year and tonight i was going to burst. The person i needed the most in my life. The person I looked up to. The boy that was like my other half. The one person I treated like my own blood brother was out of my life. "PING"   I got a reply from some one who calls them self Alpha. (EMY= Emma)


EMY= :'(

Alpha= EMY whats wrong?

EMY= someone hurt me 

Alpha= i wont let a hand touch you okay?


EMY=Thx Alpha but not that way

Alpha= EMY you seem like a nice girl that guy dose'int know what hes missing out on

EMY= Thank you so much but its just 2013 was all i had left of him but now its over

Alpha= i promise i will do all i can to make you happy

EMY= Dont make a promise you wont keep

Alpha=im not



                        2:44 AM 


Alpha= you should sleep 


EMY= OKAY but will we talk tomorrow

Alpha = we will talk when ever we can


EMY= Then good night


Alpha= good night 




                      BYE LOVES


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