Dear Author *ON HOLD*

Please just read the first chapter to get all the details, but this is many letters to our favorite authors!


1. Explanation

So you may be wondering what this is. Well, I, SeaweedBrain Shadownight, came up with an idea. 

This is a writing site, correct? So I was wondering, what would I say to my favorite author if I had the chance? What would my Movellas friends say? So, I decided to begin this movella.

Here's how it works:

First, I will add my first chapter.

Then, I will invite a few people who have already requested, and they can write their own chapters.

After they finish, I will remove them and choose more people.

If you want a chapter, please comment below! The only things I want to say are: Please, each person only write one chapter, a letter for one author! No swearing, but I can't imagine why anybody would want to.

You can use the same author as somebody else, they are still your favorite author!

So, let the requests flood in!!!

SeaweedBrain Shadownight :)

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