Between Softball and Summer.

Summer heat, the annoyance of a sport, and..... a cute guy going after a best friend? Zaria plays softball (the only sport she hates) and has her best friend (Shannon) is staying for the weekend (YAY!) but, after Zaria's dad drags them to softball practice, she sees a guy. A cute guy. And so far.... he seems to have an eye for Shannon..... who already has a boyfriend...


1. Prologue.

The shrill sound of my phone ringing wakes me up. A low gurgle comes from me and I cringe as I answer the phone.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Zaria? Hey, it's Shannon." The preppy voice of my best friend sound through my phone. I smile, it's been about.....what, nine years?

"Hey," I croak and sit up. I rake my hand through my hair and yawn.

"Can I ask you to do a big favor for me?" She asks. I can tell she's nervous, she rarely ever asks me for anything.

"Sure, what?"

"Can I stay at your house for the weekend? Next weekend, I mean. I'm at Shawnee's right now."

"Oh, uh, sure? I mean, I guess?"

"Awesome! Thanks! Oh, and uh, one more thing..."


"I have a boyfriend."

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