My song book :)

These are songs or parts of songs that i have written. They aren't always going to be complete and they are not professional i want to be a singer/songwriter one day so...
Tell me if you think they are good because the one that is the most liked i might use to try out for something, like i tried out for Americas got Talent this year i didnt get in but it was an amazing experience.


1. Trial

This is a song i wrote called Trial Its about being framed it was my first song i ever wrote.


I'm at a trial

I feel defiled

Guilty says the jury

The truth must hurry

I'm playing with shame not a fun game

hiding the secrets like life depends on it


I'm guilty until proven innocent

Blame is not a game to play

the other player is proficient

they don't care what you say your guilty


Mom is yelling

she heard the stories I'm not telling

teacher says homework is due

I don't really have a clue

life is a roller-coaster

I'm racing the tracks

I feel guilty

CHORUS:... to lazy to type it again:p


don't know how to win this fight

karate chops left and right

they're swinging lies

I'm swinging truth

got no other place to hide

i feel guilty

CHORUS:... to lazy to type it again:p



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