don't judge me by how i look

people look at me and think wow weak weird dump poor well i'm they got one thing right i'm weird but i'm not weak i know that because i have awards for fighting and i'm not dumb i pass with c's at least (maybe) i'm not poor almost all my friends are famous like Louis from 1D, Cody Simpson, Emblem 3, Justin Bieber, Mitchel Musso, Bruno Mars and Demi lovato.




                          CHAPTER.1 "NOWAY"


 My name is Ella Donahue. I have brownish red hair,red eyes and dog fangs im not short but not tall ether. I ware what i want when i want and i don't care if people like it or not my best friend is Mitchel Musso from Pair of Kings well in tell he stopped going on it. now let get to my every day life.


 I was walking down the hall to get to band class when some body yelled my full name out loud "GABREELLA NEVAEH DONAHUE" I turned to see who wanted to get punched but instead I saw Harry styles and every one had there eyes on me waiting for me to bring pain to the person who said my full name "I'M LOOKING FOR A GABREELLA DONAHUE" Harry yelled a girl ran up to him and said "you better run" harry looked confused so he asked "Why" the girl rolled her eyes and said "when Ella finds you she will hurt you good" harry looked even more confused "whos Ella and why will she hurt  me" the girl whispered thinking i wont hear her and said " Gabreella is Elaa and she hurt anyone and everyone that calls her by her full name" harry smiled like she was joking and screamed " GAREELLA WARE ARE YOU" I had enough so i walked up to him and punched  him in the gut then i asked the girl her name "my name is Baylie" "well Baylie do you get bullied" she nodded " not any more if someone bully's you just call me and they are going to get hurt badly" i gave her my number and she gave me hers she walked away smiling knowing that noway she was getting hurt again I looked down at harry he was laying on the ground holding  his gut  " why didnt you listen to the girl" he coughted and said "i dont know  " why are you here did lou send you" he said "yes" and got up  






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