Waking Nightmares

This is the last legend of Cronotyde, a vast country that disappeared before time as we know it truly began...
WOAH WOAH WOAH. Woah. Don't you think that's a bit too serious? This is the story of three beings, their miserable lives wrapped up through no fault of their own. A whiney little princess, a poltergeist obsessed with explosions and a sassy necromancer who is the local undertakers daughter. They have this creepy as heck, one-handed freakshow that's been following them and trying to get rid of the ghost guy! And a dumb spiritual festival brings them together. Come join us in the 'Waking Nightmare', if you really want to.


2. Mhaepah

I didn't mean to. I would never do something like that on purpose. It was an accident. But not any accident. This accident had killed someone. How could I, a novice, have controlled the howling winds, growling thunder and furious lightning? I was a mere beginner.

I burst into my chamber, and hurled myself into the soft swan feathered pillow. Even it's softness seemed to become lack and cold, refusing to comfort such evil. I was racked with grief ad shaking. Why had my powers erupted from me in such a violent way? Why had they killed someone? These powers-ones my father promised me would do good, bring light to Cronotyde- had done nothing but harm. And now they hadn't just harmed a person. They had obliterated one.

My mentor, Maya, never warned me. She swore to me it was safe, no mortals came here anymore. We were on the vast Kulan Plains. The storm was greying out the usually green and jovial plains. This storm-no, this elemental monstrosity was relentlessly battering us. Maya calmly told me to settle it. I tried to block out the surroundings, the grey plains, Maya, the storm. I focused on a lush green environment in the distance, and pushed. There was an almighty bang that shook the earth. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning as wide as me struck out from the clouds, right onto a man's head. He was innocent, a passer by, yet I murdered him. He was dead because of me. I don't deserve my lineage, to be the daughter of my father. He was too kind, and would brush it off, seeing it as a sacrifice to hone the next queen of Cronotyde. Me.

Maybe a cold walk could clear my head. Eventually I grabbed my cloak and left.

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