Waking Nightmares

This is the last legend of Cronotyde, a vast country that disappeared before time as we know it truly began...
WOAH WOAH WOAH. Woah. Don't you think that's a bit too serious? This is the story of three beings, their miserable lives wrapped up through no fault of their own. A whiney little princess, a poltergeist obsessed with explosions and a sassy necromancer who is the local undertakers daughter. They have this creepy as heck, one-handed freakshow that's been following them and trying to get rid of the ghost guy! And a dumb spiritual festival brings them together. Come join us in the 'Waking Nightmare', if you really want to.


1. Prologue

In the beginning, long before me or you, there was a vast and powerful country. It's not there anymore. Before the dawning of time, it was known as Cronotyde. A country, once believed to be in Modern Day Europe, near Romania, or Asia, near the country of Mongolia.

But one day, it simply vanished, like a page torn out of a book; bearable, but an incomplete work of art, never to be known how great it really was. Not even neighbouring countries noticed that the seat of the Ellesan Empire had vanished.

The ancient country of Cronotyde was bountiful with experiences never to be known to the modern man. Vampyres, Witches, Werewolves, Mermaids and Fae, as well as other creatures shrouded in myth and legend. Magic was a tool publicly weilded, and available to any man, peasant or aristocrat, man or woman. The games you play, the stories you tell, the books you read, all the magic sources in them came from the magic recorded by the first sorcerers, the natives of Cronotyde.

Cronotyde was ruled by Mhaepah, powerful men and women born to deities, a common article of fiction in the future. But something so terrible must have happened to Cronotyde that even the Mhaepah couldn't save it from vanishing.

This is the final heroic tale of Cronotyde.

This is the tale of Waking Nightmares.

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