The King Of Hearts

Richard Fowler is not the most popular teenager, but after the unfortunate death of his parents, he is left completely alone. Though the loneliness doesn't last for long, as he soon finds that his parents were undercover agents and he inherits more than he is worth. But the peace is soon broken as his riches are stolen and he is kidnapped by the robbers. He befriends one of the kidnappers, Alessandra, and is entranced by her story. But he has also fallen for another, the daughter of her parents old partner, nineteen year old detective in training, Millie Scott. Will his parents old agency be able to save him before it's too late?
Play your cards right...and you can't go wrong.


1. A papery bill,

'Play your cards right...and you can't go wrong'. Thats what the envelope said, sprawled out in pen by a familliar hand. He sighs smiling at the pathetic riddle, expecting a couple of old possetions, a small check at most. He dug his thumb in the side of the envelopes gap, the sound of ripping , the air inside of it set free. And then the first glance...a papery bill, lots of them. He lifted one up, examining it, he stops in his tracks...a hundred dollars. Lots of them. And thats where it started. With him and that papery bill, the meeting that would cost him his life...

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