My Missing Love

He's missing. I still feel like this is all a dream. I've been told to move on, but how can I do that? He's missing. Is this a nightmare? A joke? Wake me up! I can't take this any longer! WAKE UP!!

My amazing cover was made by Starble, who is co-author in the movella called 'Cover Store' by Ashlee Renee, Spongebobninja, and Starble. If you want the link to the cover store just ask!


12. Guidance? No.

Tori didn't show up to school for the next few days. I was a little worried about her. She was so close with her brother and to have something like this happen to him must be heartbreaking. My thoughts were interrupted when Liam approached me in the hall. 

"Hey what's the plan?" He asked. 

"Ok so I bought two tickets that are departing from LAX at 7:00 AM Saturday morning, so we should leave at 6:00 to get there on time." I told him.

"Ok...but how are you going to avoid your parents knowing?" He asked.

"I'm going to tell them that I'm going to Maddie's to sleep over." I explained. 

"Wait, why didn't you ask Maddie to come with you?" He asked. 

"Because I know that she wouldn't want to, or she would rat me out because she is trying to 'protect me'." I said with air quotations. 

"Oh ok makes sense." He replied with understanding. 

Just as I was going to turn into my class with Liam, my name was called over the intercom. 

"Hey can you take down the notes for me? I don't know how long I'll be." I asked Liam. 

"Ya of course, hope you're not in trouble." He laughed nudging me and raising his eye brows.

"Shut up." I laughed walking backwards through the door. 

The smile didn't leave my face as I walked down the hallway, dragging my fingers against each of the blue lockers. I skipped down the stairs to the second floor where the main office was located. I knocked before opening the door.

I walked up to the desk and waited for the secretary to look up and take notice of me standing there. After a few moments I cleared my throat and I saw her jump a little. 

"Oh, Samantha, you scared me a little!" She laughed nervously and I nodded with an uncomfortable smile.

"Um, Mr. Krisp said he wanted to see me?" I mentioned to her. 

"Oh yes of course!" She said standing up. She unlocked the door leading behind the desk into a wing strictly for offices. There was a counselor on call office, a couple offices for interns, and of course, the principal and vice principal's office. I gave her a nod to indicate a silent thank you and made my way to the principal's office. The door was already open and I stepped inside hesitantly. 

"Mr Krisp?" I asked walking into the room.

"Ah Sam! Take a seat." He said with a smile. "How have you been?"

"Um, good how about you?" 

"I am great thanks for asking." He smiled folding his hands together. 

"So what did you call me in here for?" I asked still anxious to hear the next rumor that has sprung up about me. His smile faded and he leaned forward in his chair.

"Listen, Sam, I know that you have been going through a lot lately, you friend is still missing and I heard about the new information of his location, but we need you to stay on track. I have set you up for a weekly visit with your guidance counselor. I have gotten permission from your mother and father and they are on board." He said to me and I felt my expression twist. 

"But sir, I am doing perfectly fine. My grades might have dropped a little bit, but that can be fixed!" I defended. 

"That is good, and it needs to be kept that way which is another good reason for you to do this." He argued back. I sighed in return. 

"Can I have a pass? I'm missing a test." I lied and he nodded, taking a piece of paper out. 

I could feel his guilty and sorry eyes follow my steps as I swiftly walked out of his office, and then straight out the front doors, I have packing to do.

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