Nothing like us


5. embarrassment

 *sarah's pov*
I felt my heart dropping and I forgot about my cheeks becoming more and more redish ... I still don't know if I blushed because of shame or because of my unexplained happiness . 
I just knew that that was something special.

* wadhah's point of view *
When I first entered the classroom I knew that that girl is special , she wasn't ashamed to be herself , I looked around me and I've seen the same face on every girl , they were all sitting there playing with their hairs or doing their nails , they were all wearing fashionable clothes , except for that one girl who was just sitting there with her "never say never" t-shirt . I'm a boybelieber myself so seeing that t-shirt made me happy somehow . 
I loved the way she blushed when I told her that I'm a boybelieber and that I was actually complimenting her not making fun of her style , I mean why would someone make fun of such a perfect girl?
I left the classroom and I wish I didn't . It was the 3 pm break , I went to the playground to see my bestfriends Walid and Sami . We've been friends since forever but I had to go to a different high school for the first two years because of some family issues that'd rather not to think of .

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