Nothing like us


4. boybelieber ?


*sarah's pov*
the bell rang , I stood up looked at him in the eyes (I felt like I was drowning) and said " problem?"
Him: Nice t-shirt
Sarah: you really don't have to be so sarcastic 
Him: I'm not being sarcastic 
Sarah: yes you are , it's not my problem that you don't like Justin , I love him
Him: hey you calm down , who said I hate him
Sarah: then why were you staring ?
He ignored me , took his backpack and left me standing there ..
I went back to my table to pack my school supplies and as soon as I turned my back , I felt someone's hand on my shoulder . I really thought that was Nesrine calling me , since I was the only one in the class , I touched that hand and said "hold on" but a male voice answered me " by the way I'm a boybelieber" . 
I stood there speechless not knowing what to say or do

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