Nothing like us


6. and here starts the hate


*next day*
Sarah's POV : 
*alarm* I woke up on justin's voice , I forgot to take off my earphones , as usual . I opened my eyes and looked around me . I was wondering if what happened yesterday wasn't just a dream , and yeah it wasn't . 
I got off the bed , with a smile on my face for the first time after changing my highschool . 
I chose a comfy outfit just like everyday and I left my hair down . 
I walked to school , rethinking about everything that happened yesterday . 
*at school* 
Wadhah : hey 
Me: oh ... hello 
Wadhah : you look amazing , love your hair .
Me (blushing) : thank you . How did you find this highschool so far ? 
Wadhah : super cool , I've found something special in here . 
Me : what ? ( I thought he was talking about me ) I said as I was smiling
Wadhah : the theater club

He wasn't talking about me Ughhhh Okey but he likes theater . like whaaaaaaat ?

Me : you like theater ?
Wadhah : I do , alot . 
Me : no way ! I'm in the theater club too 
Wadhah : oh what a coincidence 
Me : I know right .

That's when rasha interrupted us . 
Rasha : hey 
Wadhah : Mmm hello 
Me : hey ( rolling my eyes )
Rasha (looking at me) : I'm not talking to you loser .
Me: ok Wadhah bye
Wadhah : see you in the math class .
Rasha: so your name is Wadhah ha ?
Wadhah : yeah why ?
Rasha : my name is Rasha and I'm the queen of the school , I like you . Want to go on date ?
Wadhah : wait wait , why did you talk to Sarah like that ? You really didn't have to be so mean .
Rasha : I only said the truth , she's a loser , an ugly beliebitch or whatever Justin gay bieber's fans call themselves

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