Nothing like us


1. New Girl

It's not always easy to be in one of the most known high schools in the country . It was the first day of school and I was the new girl , I woke up a bit earlier than usual , putted my hair on a messy bun and wore my everyday jeans and a t-shirt that my aunt bought me for my birthday with my favorite singer's quote on it and of course my converse , they were fake but yeah no one can tell . Don't need to say I don't have a car because in my country we have to wait 'till we turn 18 to be able to drive and I was only 17 anyway I certainly can't afford one . The school is about 15 minutes away from my house and I spend them listening to music . I made my first step into school , my first day in this fancy high school , can't really tell if I was happy or sad , or maybe I had a mixture of both those feelings , I miss my friends , I don't have that many friends but I really enjoy their company , they manage to make me happy and make make me smile when ever I need to but I'm happy I could make it to this school that all the other students want to go to but walking in these hallways it doesn't seem any different from any other high school , ok maybe it does . Sarah's POV I was making my way to my first class and people were looking at me as if I was a weird creature ... I rolled my eyes and said "OMG what did I get myself into , and I thought high school is gonna be different but apparently I have to live with this disrespect for the rest of my life" that's when three girls cut the line of my imagination , one of them looked at me and said -Omg look at that loser ew ! I guess she's one of the popular girls , I could tell by the way she's holding her black leather bag , she had the ideal body , perfect teeth , perfect skin , long black hair and an amazing height .. Then one of the two girls who were with her said " you go rasha " than she looked me in the eyes and added " we're the queens if the school , stay away from us we don't want to see your face , here's Rasha ( she's the queen of the queens , the it girl) , I am Ines and this is Boutheina , three names you might want to remember " My blood started boiling , I'm usually shy but careless at the same time , I wanted to answer those bitches but just when I was about to open my mouth , the bell rang so I just took my books and completed my way "what a great way to start the school year" I said to myself I entered the class with all those people staring at me , I didn't know it was a crime to wear casual clothes or to be a Belieber , god !! I took a sit on the second row , I took my sketchbook and I started writing random thoughts

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