Thought he loved me

"I love you. P-please don't leave me"
"I love you too. More than anything. But you don't love me enough"


1. Chapter 1

Charae's POV

"Hurry up Diana we are gonna be late for Justin's concert!!" I yelled at Diana while grabbing my car keys.

"I'm coming wait a sec!"

I saw Diana running down the stairs with her hands in her hair.

"Do i look good!?"

"Yes Diana you look good now come. We need to go" i said while walking to the door.

"Okay okay"

The whole ride we were listening to Believe. We sounded terrible but good at the same time. When we finally arrived, we were freaking out. We walked to the security guards and showed our tickets. As we walked past them we were standing in front of a

BIG door.

"Okay Diana are you ready?"

"Yeah i'm ready." She said while taking a deep breath.

As we opened the door we saw Beliebers everywhere. It was just so... Amazing!

Diana: OMG i can't believe we are actually here!

We were talking to the Beliebers next to us and we danced to the music that was played by the DJ. After about 25 minutes the timer on the screen was almost at 2 minutes. I was getting so nervous. I actually thought that i was going to faint in the middle of the concert. I was finally going to see the one who i love soooo much. When the timer was hitting 1 minute, everybody was just screaming so loud. Diana and i were getting crazy. Everybody was counting down. When the timer was hitting 10 seconds.

Beliebers:10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!!!!!

EVERYBODY WAS SCREAMING SOOOOO LOUD I THOUGHT MY EARS WOULD START BLEEDING. There were happening so many things. A lot of Beliebers were crying including Diana and me. A man appeared on the screen. He was saying... "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome. Now your entering another world, a world where there are no limits, no rules only endless possibilities. Can you hear it? The vibration of the beat, the rhythm of your heart and the electricity running through your veins. Allow your imagination to skyrocket, your dreams to be remixed. Let go of everything but what exists. "Be strong, be brave, but most importantly... Believe."

Fireworks were everywhere. Then Justin appeared on the screen with his wings. He was looking up and then flew away after a half minute he came out with his wings. At that point Diana and i were screaming and crying really hard. He looked at the audience and laughed a little. He started with All Around The World. I was crying and singing at the same time.

Justin: Let's go!

Dj: New York City if your ready to believe put your hands up right nooooooooooow!

All Around The World started playing and Justin started singing. Justin was just doing his thing. But suddenly he turned around and walked straight to us. I could feel my heart beating faster and faster. He was touching all the Beliebers Except for me. After all the Beliebers Justin walked away. I was kinda sad because i didn't touched him. But suddenly he turned around again and now HE DID TOUCHED ME!!!



Justin's POV

I was singing my songs but then i saw a really beautiful girl sitting in the crowd. I actually payed more attention to her than to my choreography. I walked over to the crowed and touched her hand and also another girls hand. The other girl was probably her friend because they were screaming and hugging each other. She looked so cute. And she's kinda hot. I really wanted to meet her after the show. Well, we'll see.

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