Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


19. The Broken Promise

He was supposed to be in Violerock last week, but he said that things at work got complicated and he needed a week more. Jone considered this, but held herself back from fighting with Mac. It was the last thing she'd do, being far away and having a fight won't seem to solve the fact that she was missing him. But Mac never failed to call her everyday since she arrive in Violetrock, and that was enough for now.

So instead of sulking she, concentrated with her work and was thankful that Henri was there to cheer her up. She was happy that he was communicating with Lester's cousin whom she never met, and was sure she will soon because Henri told her that she was coming over to Violet for the rest of summer. It will be a lot of double dating then! She and Mac and Henri and Lester's cousin. She forgot the name, she'll ask Henri about it later.

It was Saturday afternoon, she had just finished cleaning her car when she received that unwanted call.

"Hello," she answered.

"Is this Jone?" a female voice asked in an unfriendly tone.

"Yes this is she, may I know who's calling?"

Henri came into her driveway bringing six packs of beer smiling at her. They talked about having beer that afternoon before going for a barbecue at night.

"This is Braylee, Mac's girlfriend!"

The color in her face drained, her heart thumped irradically, she had difficulty breathing but managed to inhale and exhale. Henri who saw her placed the packs down and came near her with a questioning look.

"He broke up with you last time I checked." Jone managed to say in an evenly hard voice.

"Headlines bitch, I am pregnant and Mac is the father. So if I were you, stop throwing yourself all over him because we are having a baby and just so you know I just filed a divorce today."

That day, the world crashed down on her. Everything went blurry, there was this sonic wave sound in her ear and it hurt a lot, her body felt so heavy that Henri had to catch her as she walked out of balance. She didn't know what happened to her phone, or where it went. All she knew was that she could literally feel her chest being ripped open and her heart stabbed with a knife in circular motion. It was painful, she couldn't breath, tears swelled down her eyes, the the world went black.


***     ***     ***


She opened her eyes and squinted, it was so bright and she realized she was not in her room. It was a single bed and it wasn't her soft pillow she was lying on. She blinked and looked around the room, she was in a hospital?!

"What the hell?!" she managed to croak.

"Jone! Oh thank God you're awake!" it was Henri who stood on the side of her bed and kissed her forehead. "I was so worried about you!"

"What happened?" she sat up, and found out that there was an IV on her left hand.

"You passed out yesterday after talking to someone on the phone. I checked the number but it was not registered it was a call abroad. You had a panic attack and you pass out for a day."

"What?!" all her life she never passed out. Then she remembered.

"Mac had been calling he's really worried about you so I have to tell him what happened. He wants to come now but there are things he needs to fix at home so he told me to take care of you, like I would never do that."

Braylee was pregnant with Mac. Tears started falling uncontrollably.

"Jone what is wrong? Do you feel pain?" Henri was panicking. "God! Let me call the nurse-"

"No," Jone said pulling his hand.

"What is wrong? Please tell me? The doctor said you had a panick attack but this is way over because you fainted and slept for a day! You gotta tell me if you feel any pain."

"I don't want to talk to Mac. When will I be able to get out?" she asked between sobs.

"Why?" Henri asked looking at her worriedly.

There it was again, the pain she felt after Braylee announced to her yesterday that she was pregnant with Mac's child. She had difficulty breathing, inhaling and exhaling faster.

"Jone," Henri said in a firm voice. "Jone take a deep breath, calm down okay, please."

The more she cried the more she coudn't breath. She didn't know she was capable of feeling like this! Yes she had been into lots of break ups but she never ended in a hospital! It was usually at the bars or clubs!

Henri sat on the bed and rubbed her back. "Jone, calm down. Take a deep breath. Whatever is happening to you and Mac, you will settle it and everything will be okay."

Jone took deep long breaths and shook her head. She wiped her eyes but tears just kept pouring. She didn't know she loved him that much till now, and she didn't know how stupid she was to think that getting into a relationship with her best friend was a good idea. "We aren't gonna settle anything at all. Braylee is pregnant, he's the father."

Henri's eyes widen, his face turned hard then softened again and embraced Jone tightly. Rubbing her back he said, "It will be okay Jone." He said soothingly. "This is just another test. If he is not the right guy for you then someone out there is. Who knows maybe its really me," he joked.

Jone relaxed and laughed. She leaned her head against his chest and sniffled. "Thank you for being there Henri."

"Anytime sweetheart, we have to work on your panick attack problem. You make me nervous it isn't good."

"I never knew I'd experience that either. And this shitty thing with Mac! I'm breaking up with him!"

"Let's not talk about him now. I want you to calm down and rest, I don't want you passing out on me again."

Jone obeyed Henri and she lay back down on the bed when he went out to call for her doctor. The pain never left, it was a strange pain that connected from her heart down to the pit of her stomach. If this what she get for a broken heart from Mac, then she didn't want it at all. It was killing her, it was too much! How will she ever get on by with this?





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