Blue Seas - One True Love

It's been a year since she hadn't been home. She needed to heal, and dating men don't seem to be the answer. Her best friend Mac was complicating everything as well.


18. Mac Hates Seeing Jone Leave

Jone's family was at the airport, they were all talking to Henri who told Mac to talk to Jone because she wasn't feeling good about him staying behind. Jone and Henri's flight will be in an hour and thirty minutes.

The two of them were sitting on a bench far away from Jone's family. Kate and Lester were off to their honeymoon yesterday, and she and Jone had a tearful moment at the airport. As much as possibly Mac didn't want Jone to cry that day. He was following her like he promised, but he's worried it won't be too soon something just came up and it was a big problem.

"I'm gonna miss you love," Mac said holding both Jone's hands.

She sighed, trying her best not to cry. Jone never liked the idea of leaving without Mac, she's sensing something uncomfortable about him being left behind but she coudn't bring herself to question him. She needs him to trust her about whatever he was going to do. "I'll miss you too Mac."

"Give me a week okay?"

She nodded her head.

"I'm sure Henri's gonna take care of you."

Jone sighed. "Just make sure you're coming next week Mac."

Mac embraced her. He knows what she's going through right now, because he was feeling the same as well. "I promise Jone."

"Make sure to be prepared," he told her in his most sexy voice.

Jone raised an eyebrow looking at him her lips turning a smile. "For what?"

"You know what I'm talking about," he grinned and winked at her.

"You're being naughty?" she asked.

"Or being sweet, whatever you'd like to think."

Jone squeezed his hands. "Can I just stay?"

"That's what I told you last time remember," he said looking down at her.

Jone sighed feeling really miserable right now. "I wish I made a two months vacation. I never thought the two of us would be together."

Mac kissed her on the lips. He wants to go with her to Violetrock that day, if only something didn't came up! Dammit! He's going to kill her when he sees her later that night!

Jone threw her arms around Mac's neck pulling her to him and kissing him hungrily. She wasn't a fan of PDA, but she didn't care now. She was leaving the guy she loved all her life once more, and waiting for a week before seeing him must be ages! Right now, she's starting to miss him!

"I want you to promise me one thing," Mac said as they pulled away.

"What is it?"

"When I come back from Violetrock, you're coming with me." He looked into her eyes.

Her mouth opened but nothing came out. She closed her mouth again and scratched her head. "Well," she began. "Give me a reason why."

"Because I am your boyfriend and because I say so?"

"But isn't it too early yet?" she asked. It's not that she didn't want to be with Mac, of course she loves to be back in BlueSeas especially now that Mac was her boyfriend. But shouldn't they rush things?

Mac kissed her once more and said, "I will make sure you're coming back home with me."


***     ***     ***


"Why are you doing this?" Mac asked Braylee that night of Jone's departure. The two of them met at the marina just outside town. Two days ago Braylee had called to inform him that she was pregnant. That same night he discovered Jone had his name tattooed at her back. It was not a huge tattoo but if you look closely you will see his name. It was that night, he wanted to make love to Jone after she confessed everything she truly felt for him. And Braylee spoiled it.

Braylee was sobbing. "I didn't know I was pregnant Mac!"

"And how sure are you that I am the father?" he asked angrily. Comforting her was no use, he'd rather punch her on the face!

She looked at him in disbelief. "How dare you say that. I've been sleeping with you for a year and you ask me that."

"For almost two years, for your information," he corrected her. "And yes I have all the reasons not to believe that I am the father in case you're telling the truth. You are still sleeping with your husband and you have been sleeping with Joseph for five months. So why don't you ask them to father that child!"

"Mac I love you," she gushed and threw her arms around his neck. She was trying to hard, and Mac wasn't in for her drama. He was supposed to be on that plane with Jone.

"I doubt it Braylee," he said. "I will have you test at a doctor."

"But don't you believe me?" she asked looking at him, hurt that he doubted her.

"You seriously think that?"

"Mac I promise I love you," Braylee went on, explaining and crying. "It wasn't then that I realized how I felt for you when your bitch came. And you broke up with me for her."

He pulled away from in disbelief. "Don't call her a bitch when you know it's you. I never have plans of keeping the relationship at all after you told me that you wanted revenge before filing a divorce. And I was thankful Jone came back because it cleared my mind that I didn't want you in my life anymore."

"How can you be so harsh?" she wailed.

"How can you sleep with two guys?"

She was silent.

"We will settle this matter until next week, I am taking you to a doctor and have you checked if you really are pregnant or not. And if you are I'm having you a prenatal DNA test."

"That is unfair!" she shouted.

"You have been unfair to everyone in case you forget." Mac walked away from her and went into his car. He started the engine and drove away. He didn't want to have a child with Braylee, but he was not sure now of that now because everytime they had sex he would always cum inside her. It will be big trouble, because Braylee never have kids. She never want to because she's scared to lose her figure. Pregancy test will solve the problem and if she was pregnant she will have to go for DNA test. And if it was his, well he's got a problem explaining to Jone.

So early in the relationship he lied at Jone, telling her that it was something important he needs to fix at the office. He didn't want to tell her about the bad news because he didn't want Jone to leave him. Now that he's got her he was not letting her out of his life. So he's got to fix things within a week so he could go to Violetrock and be with Jone without being guilty.

Usually DNA tests results come after seven months or so, and he was not sure if the doctor will allow to have Braylee a prenatal DNA test. And if the results came pointing him as the father well, he will adopt the child but he should explain to Jone first. Dammit! Why don't things just fall exactly in its place?!  








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