Turned upside down

Jamie is a perfect girl with a perfect life. What happens when she meet her roommate? And meet 5 bad boys! With she like one of them? Or have nothing to do with them? Read to find out


1. hi my name is Jamie.

A/N hey guys this is my first book so hope you guys enjoy it

Hey I'm Jamie and I'm 5'4 and have long brown hair and blue eyes I'm 17 year old. I'm going to a high school away from my parents in 3 days. I love my parents and they love me. I have always had a good life and always get good grades.


It was the day I was leaving to my new high school. I walk downstairs my parents were telling me goodbye and to be good. Then the taxi pulled up and I was sad to leave but happy to go to my new high school.

*skip the car ride*

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