The Amity Initiation *Divergent Comp*

Beatrice Prior, Amity.
I am Amity.
I remind myself.
I am Divergent.
I remind myself.
But I need Amity. I need peace.


1. The First Test

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I thrust my bleeding hand between the fire of Dauntless and soil of Amity, and my blood falls to Amity’s side.

I am Amity now.

I look over to my new faction who smile eagerly welcoming me with hugs and congratulations, but I sneak a peek at the dauntless crowd to see a boy a few years older than me staring at me intently, and suddenly I wonder if I chose the right faction. It was too late now.

Faction is thicker than blood or love I remind myself sternly and loose myself in the crowd of other initiates, learning a few names. There is a short girl who looked very young for her age; blonde hair was neatly styled in a braid down her back her deep chocolate brown eyes stared in wonder at everything around her. As I introduced myself she told me her name, and I forced myself to remember her name –Morgan - because for now she was my only friend.

The leaders lead us slowly towards the elevator, and those from abnegation stared in wonder as it opened and some of us piled in easily. For the first time in a very long time I took a good long look at myself, my blonde hair was neatly brushed and recently cut but still long as it fell down my back. My blue eyes shone with wonder as the elevator neatly came to a stop.

“Do you know what the initiation will be like?” I whisper quietly to Morgan and she raises her eyebrows in question, clearly unable to hear me. I repeat myself in a slightly louder voice.

She nods slowly. “I’ve heard that all initiates are accepted, only that we have to prove that we are dedicated to neutrality.”

I gave her a look that indicated I had no idea how I would do that. She shrugged, revealing a small black tattoo on her shoulder blade. I stared at it open mouth, she had been Dauntless. She furrowed her brows as she took in my startled face and then realized what I had seen “Yeah, I was Dauntless, but I wasn’t very good with knives” She chuckles slightly “But I think Amity initiates need to solve a problem or something” She shrugs and I nod, turning my attention to the amity leader, whose name was Kimberley or something.

“Initiates!” She bellows and the room instantly goes quiet. “Welcome to Amity” She beams prettily. “Here at Amity we strive to be peaceful, neutral, and of course self sufficient. Once you pass the three tests set you by your instructors, you will all have an important role in determining who we are as a faction. The first test is simple, but I’ll let your instructors inform you further.” She bows slightly and steps away from the podium to allow a young boy who must have only been an initiate last year to step forward.

“Okay” He starts and glances around quickly “First we’ll split you guys into groups, listen carefully to your name and your instructor” He starts prattling off names and I tune out, glancing around the large room falling in love with the bright colors and happy faces of the older faction members. “Beatrice Prior – Matthew Johnson; er…that’s me” He seems surprised to find his own name there, but as I walk my way to stand by the front of the podium he seems to relax. “Alright, that’s everyone.” He smiles and steps down walking over to me and the rest of the people in his group – thankfully including Morgan.

He hugs everyone in turn, the normal greeting for all in the Amity faction, but when he hugs me, I feel the world slip away and I want to hold on just that little bit longer, but he steps away a blush rising in his cheeks. “OK group, our first task is to be self-sufficient, so we’re going out to the fields to pick some apples” We start to gather ourselves before he seems to remember we don’t exactly look like we belong to Amity yet. “Wait. I’ll show you to the changing rooms where you’ll find some clothes.” He nods to himself and positioning himself at the front of the group beckons us to follow him.

We draw close to a large cupboard which essentially holds a few hundred items of Amity colored clothing. He starts with the girls, being that we are often a lot easier with sizing. As he calls out numbers I notice some of the smaller girls put up their hands for size eight and ten dresses and I try not to frown waiting patiently until he calls out a size twelve which I eagerly put up my hand, blushing since I was the last girl to receive a dress.

Matthew – who pleads with us to call him Matt – leads us to some changing rooms and gives us a few minutes to change. I slip into the dress easily, and almost scare myself when I look up to see myself in a mirror. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to being able to look at myself freely. I giggle to myself and do a little spin, loving the feel of the dress’ skirt flowing around before settling back against my knees. Morgan comes to stand next to me, frowning slightly as the dress reveals her shoulder tattoo – which I now see is a black star. I smile broadly at her and bump her shoulder.

“Don’t frown” I laugh “It looks fine, they won’t care” I say, even though I’m not really sure what they’d say. She forces a smile. Being the only Dauntless-born transfer would have to be hard on her.

We walk out only to see that we are the first ones ready. Matt smiles when he sees us. “Take long enough ladies?” He asks, but his tone is joking and I laugh again – the second time in one day and I feel like I’ve found heaven. I never got to laugh in Abnegation, and I doubt the Dauntless laugh very often either.  “I’ll show you the fields” he smiles and we follow easily, stopping in front of the boys change room briefly meeting up with some of the other initiates, one a Condor born named Callum and the other an Abnegation boy I couldn’t remember.

We walk silently through the building before immerging at the field. The breath leaves my body unwillingly and I stare in wonder at the rows and rows of apple trees which are seemly planted between banana trees and other fruits. I smile as Matt leads us to where we’ll be working for the day.

We pick silently and once our hand woven baskets are full we’re each allowed to have one apple for doing such good work. We sit down in the plush grass huddled together talking nonsense as we get to know each other. My smile brightens when Matt returns with some of the other initiates before I realize that there aren’t as many as there were before – some have already failed this first test. How they failed I will never know.

We have our own corridor of the building, there are about three of us to a room, and I’m thankful to be sharing with Morgan, as we are becoming fast friends. In Amity they don’t care if boys and girls sleep in the same room, they expect that nothing will happen so there’s one boy in the room with us. It’s awkward at first, but we settle down to sleep after a short time. When I’m woken in the middle of the night with noises which seem to be growing in number within the few minutes that I lie there I sneak a look under my lashes and see Morgan fast asleep in her bed.  I breathe a sigh of relief, glad it’s not her breaking the rules.


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