Love is a Strong Word

This is sort of a love story because I try to put love in all my other stories and I have a feeling it annoys most people. Anyway... I am Charlotte, most of the boys at school think I am hot. They like to wolf whistle and ask me out. I don't like any of them and they don't like me, they just want my looks.
I am Teagan, my best friend is Charlie (Charlotte). We hang out a lot, just me and Charlie except when she tries to bring Owen along I want to barf.
I am Owen. Plain old Owen.


1. Teagan's P.O.V

I am Teagan, the nerd girl obsessed with Star Wars and Harry Potter. I won't lie either, I am not a pretty nerd, which is a very important matter in high school. I got the huge Nerd Glasses and my hair is done the same way everyday. I brush my bangs back revealing my acne (who knows why I do that) and let the rest fall down my shoulders. It's not that long, just to my shoulders. If you can picture me right, I look like a troll. Charlie thinks I am beautiful though. I think she is trying to build my self esteem personally.

Me and Charlie go way back. We made friends in 4th grade and she stayed my friend all through middle school. I honestly admire her for that. She was so pretty she could have gone and been a popular but she hung out with old Teagan instead. Charlie is, was, and always will be my best friend.

Anyway, she just listens to me fangirl and I listen to her talk about boys and life problems. That's how we work we listen and don't talk out of turn.

"Miss Meyers, what is the main idea of the text?" Reality checks drive me crazy, when I am in my own little world dreaming about books. I shrug my shoulders. I never do well and class and I don't need to, I know how to write and that is what I want to do with my life. "Well Miss Meyers... Can you tell me how many detentions that makes for not paying attention in my class?" I look at her, she makes herself look smart up there. She acts like 'I am in charge and no one shall be any better then moi.'

"That makes 5, Mrs. Barrel." I say through gritted teeth. She gives me a smile, more like an evil grin. Just one more thing to tell Charlie today.

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