I'm Sorry I'm Strong

Julie Lowanson is the most popular girl at school. Her beautiful and skinny body, smooth and long hair that went just above her waist, and her delicate but sweet voice made every boy fall in love with her. But one day, Kyle McCallister watches something he had never should. Because of what he watched, he found out Julie Lowanson's secret. Would Kyle be able to keep Julie's secret?


1. Her Secret?

I hated walking to school. Especially days right after it rained. The ground was so squishy and my shoes got wet and muddy. I tried to not go to school by telling my mom that I was terribly sick, but as always, it didn't work. School was felt so far when I didn't want to go there. Suddenly, I saw a girl from my class. Her name was Julie Lowanson and she was the most popular girl in school. As I walked towards her, I saw something amazing. Julie Lowanson glanced at the bent stop sign and made it back the way it used to be. 

I stared at her. No one was that strong! I ran towards her. She was supposed to be really delicate and weak. Julie never even participated in P.E. She always told the teacher that her stomach hurt or her ankle was terribly twisted. Julie looked very surprised when she noticed me. 

I said, "That was amazing, Julie! Can you do it again? I never knew that you were so strong!" 

Julie put her hand over my mouth. I could tell that she didn't want people to know that she was very strong. 

"Shh! Don't tell anyone else! Please!" 

I stared at her. She looked even prettier up close. I had never liked her like the other boys did before. To me, she was just a girl who was apparently popular. I nodded slowly. I could feel my face turning red. 

Julie took her hand away from my mouth and winked before walking away. I stood there for a couple of seconds, thinking about what had just happened. Julie had a secret? She wasn't the delicate and weak girl she pretended to be. Suddenly, I felt someone tapping on my shoulder. I turned around to see my best friend, Justin Kaiser. 

"I saw you talking with Julie Lowanson, Kyle! What were you two talking about?" 

Uh oh... How should I answer this question... 

"Um... I thought that the girl walking in front of me was my cousin, Layla Lorbritto, so I said hi. When she turned around, I found out that it wasn't Layla, so I told her that I thought she was someone else. She glared at me and walked away!" 

It was a very dumb and unbelievable story, of course. Layla's hair was very short and she was very ugly. But I couldn't think of any other excused. Justin raised an eyebrow, looking suspicious. 


I shouted, "Let's hurry or we'll be late for school!" 

Without letting Justin say anything, I ran off. How could I keep it a secret? I was terrible at keeping secrets and Justin was already suspecting that I knew something he didn't. He would be VERY interested since he is a member of the Julie Lowanson Fan Club. He'll probably tell my other best friend, Ty Hopkins about it. And he's the president of the Julie Lowanson Fan Club! 

When I arrived at school. I saw Julie talking with the other girls, as usual. Why couldn't she just tell the truth to everyone?! Was she afraid that people would think she's a monster or something? 

Instead of talking with the guys as usual, I sat down at my seat and stared into space, thinking. Julie Lowanson was really pretty up close... And somehow, knowing her secret made me get more interested in her.

I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Justin. 

"Kyle, why so quiet? Was Julie that pretty up close?" 

At first, I didn't know what I was staying. I wasn't really thinking. 

"She was really pretty..." 

That's when I realized what I was talking about. 

"She wasn't that pretty! Honestly... I'm not a member of Julie Lowanson's Fan Club like you are. I'm not an idiot as many of you are." 

Justin laughed. 

"Love makes everyone idiotic. Since you are acting like an idiot right now, you are probably in love..." 

Embarrassed and not knowing how to reply, I stood up and went to the bathroom. I probably should hide their every recess until Justin forgets about what happened that day. 


During lunch time, I didn't want to talk to Justin or the other boys. I knew that Justin probably told everyone about what he had seen. So I walked to the school library. Taking out a comic book, I sat down in a corner and hid myself behind books, hoping that Justin or the other boys won't find me. 

I sat there for twenty minutes, thinking. The comic book was really boring. Would I ever get a chance to talk to Julie Lowanson again? I hope I would. 

As I walked out of the library, I bumped into someone. I blushed when I saw who it was. It was Julie. 

I said, "Sorry, Julie!" 

Julie grinned. 

"It's alright. It didn't hurt anyway." 

As she picked up her books and walked away, I stood there. Julie Lowanson was the most beautiful girl there was. I had fallen in love with her. 



Hi guys, Ali here... So this is the first chapter of I'm Sorry I'm Strong. I hope you're enjoying it... This is going to be a short story... It will probably have three or four chapters... 

Please comment what you think about this story so far! 



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