To Love Is To Destroy

Carrying on City of Lost Souls
Jace and Clary are back from Sebastian's apartment, Clary is determined to carry on her training and Jace is learning to control the heavenly fire that courses through his veins. Can they track down Sebastian while trying to extinguish the flow of demons pouring onto the earth?

(please note this is not a make of City Of Heavenly Fire, this is just a small story between the two books)


1. Recovery

Clary sat in the plastic chair next to Jace's bed, she loved to watch him sleep. His golden hair shone like gold string, a thin scar marked his otherwise perfect skin and his pale lilac eyelids fluttered every so often. He was perfect. Clary's hand itched for her drawing pencils, she had always wanted to draw Jace but whenever she tried she could never quite capture his beauty right. 

He looked so calm when he was asleep, his hard outer shell melted away as did all the sarcasm and defensiveness. 

"Quit staring at me." Jace's eyes flew open, his soft, liquid gold pupils focused on Clary.

She blushed,

"Sorry, I was just trying to-"

"shhhh, how long have you been sitting there? You look tired." 

He stroked her pale cheek gently and then moved his hand to the dark shadows that encircled her eyes. She shivered, his touch sent electricity shooting up her spine.

"A while, I couldn't sleep..." It was true, her dreams had been tainted with blood and darkness. So she had given up and came to see Jace,  he usually would have slept in the same bed but seeing he was still under medical inspection that was out of the picture. 

The blanket that covered her throat and collarbones slipped down, revealing the large, deep purple bruises that marked her throat and all along her shoulders.

Jace drew in a sharp breath, she had been trying to hide the marks from him. She knew it caused him physical pain to see her hurt.

"Who did this to you?" he demanded

"Jace, its fine, I'm fi-"

"Clary.Who?", his hands were clenched into tight fists

She whisperd, "Sebastian" 

She had gotten these when Sebastian had attacked her in the apartment she had also suffered a lot worse but he had healed her with an iratze so Jace wouldn't see what he had done to her.

"Clary, I'm so sorry" He traced the bruises along her throat with a touch as gentle as a butterfly.

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