Skool luv affair

West yuu high school is the home of a club called the skool luv affair club, this club is made up of 7 guys. V, Suga, Jung kook, J hope, Jimin, JIn, and Rap monster. This is about the adventures of these 7 guys living out there lives here at west yuu. All things go will until they all fall for the same girl, what happens when the girl tears up there friendship, what will happen to these 7 guys when she finally picks who she wants? Will they ever be the same again?


1. Ch ~1~

          What's on your mind? :

       Hello, welcome to my page! I will Not be named, but I am your narrator. You can call me Z. I will be telling you all about the story of the skool luv affair club. As the schools web site owner, its my job to keep up on all the gossip through out the school and the clubs. Lets get started.....


   The ''Skool Luv Affair'' club is a club of the schools best looking guys, in my opinion. There club focuses on getting people together, for example; you drop  note in to the box on there door, they will read it and figure out ways to match you up with the one of your dreams.


 Here are the members and there bios:

 > V, he is a senior high student at this school, he has a very weird way of doing things. No one ever asks what hes doing, we just all gave up.

> Jimin, he is a senior high student at this school, hes the most charming out of every one, hes almost the perfect guy, He sure does make the ladies swoon.

> Suga, he is a senior high student, hes very....stupid, he never knows what is going on and he always makes up the stupidest ideas.

> Jin, jin is a senior high student, he is the foundation of the club, with out him....the club would surly fall apart. Hes very smart and always knows what to say in any situation.

> J hope, a junior high school student, he is the most active out of all of them. Hes on every sports team and he's ALWAYS in a bubbly mood.

> Rap monster, a junior high school student and the leader of the group, every one listens to him and does everything he does.

   Last and certainly not least


 > Jung kook, he is a junior high school student, the youngest of all the others. He's super cute, you cant even say no to him.


 will, before I say to much this will be the last blog for today, for now have fun getting to know the members of west yuu and the dramatic scenarios between each character. ~ Yours truly. Z  

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