Our growing family.

You and Harry have been dating for over 4 years now. You've recently found out something that may give your relationship a shocking twist and your not sure how to tell Harry as your not sure how he will react. ��


1. love him.

Another day of lies here we go you mumbled to yourself as you forced yourself out of bed. You quietly replaced your pink pyjamas with a baggy jumper, a black pair of leggings and your favourite fluffy socks.

Harry was still fast asleep in bed after you had done the housework, so you decided to have a look at growing bump that he was still unaware about in the bathroom mirror.

"How do we tell your daddy eh baby?"

"Are you talking to yourself again y/n

"Fuck!" You whisper to yourself scared that he heard exactly what you were saying.

"What do you mean again Styles?" You laugh to Harry.

You walk out of the bathroom to find Harry with his usual bed hair, and strangely wearing your pink dressing gown.

"Why are you wearing my dressing gown babe?"

"I left mine round Niall's place the other night. I hope you don't mind that I'm wearing it."

"Of course I don't mind babe. Pink is deffo your colour."

You both laugh together an make your way to the kitchen. Harry as usual makes his cup of tea and reads the newspaper.

"So babe, I was thinking we should go out for a meal tonight."

"That sounds lovely baby, where was you thinking?"

"I can't remember the "Make sure you dress up good y/n. This place is really posh!" Harry shouts up to you.

"Okay babe!"

Shit shit shit shit you whisper!

The only dress I've got is tight as anything! He's gonna notice! What if he leaves me! What if he doesn't want a baby.

You feel a tear slowly make its way down your smooth cheek.

Come on snap out of it y/n! You whisper to yourself.

"Come on y/n, we've gotta be there by seven and it's now twenty to!"

"Sorry baby, just coming"

You slip on your dress, took a look in the mirror and put your hands to your mouth. Your bump is on full show!


Harry you shout.

"Yes babe."

"Is my black bag down there?"

"The one with the zip on the back?"



"Okay, I'll meet you in the car okay babe."

"Sounds good, but don't be to long okay. "

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