Living with my brother (A Harry Styles fanfic)

When Liv Styles goes to meet her brother,Harry Styles,she falls for a boy with blonde hair. Who she soon finds out is Harry's best friend. What will happen to them? Will they fall in love or take a tun for the worst?


1. Moving home

Liv's P.O.V

Harry and my parents died in a car crash. Leaving me and Harry alone. I moved to Lexington whilst he stayed in London. They left me with two envelopes containing who knows what. But,I got in contact with him and am now moving in with him and transferring to his high school. The only thing different about me and Hazzabear is that he has brown hair and I got blonde. I just got off the plane to his house. I'm oh-so-nervous. 




A/N: Will write more next chapter.

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