Read to find out. Can change ever be a good thing?


1. Chapter 1

It is often difficult to understand the mentality of people who not only appear to readily accept change but also thrive under it. I was not, am not, and probably never will be one of those people, but that does not prevent me from trying, or indeed wishing I was. I often wonder how life can be so different depending on who you are. How is it that some people can be born into a wealthy, loving, successful family and yet will still go onto become hard working, ambitious, happy, loving and successful adults while others never receive that opportunity to exit the rut in which they are stuck? Of course Buddhists would say that this is clearly to do with Karma and Re-incarnation. They would argue that those successful and happy members of our population were clearly generous, kind and helpful people in their previous lives and they therefore deserve it. Yet, I for one find it not only difficult to accept that this is the case, but I also find it increasingly unfair if it is.

Now, don't misunderstand me, and picture me as some bitter, resentful young man who not only hates their life but also believes that they are stuck in this position due to the wrongs someone made in a previous life, but I would still acknowledge that I have had a difficult time. I live in an average sized house, two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, sitting room and so on. I am able to provide food, heating, water and electricity for myself. Yet, it has not always been this way.


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