We all have a friend we wish we could have by our side till the end...


1. Memories


Afraid, shy, alone

Is all I was without you.

Confident, smiling, happy

Is what I am beside you.


I wish and I pray

It hadn’t ended that way.

I lived fully

But it now feels like I’m empty.


Time can’t turn back;

Memories can’t happen twice.

I may have lost my accomplice

But can we walk together again on that track?


All those times we promised

Nothing would tear us apart;

How come they have been erased

Although they stayed in our hearts?


Laughter, smile, tears

Are what we used to share.

Those moments now are rare.

Tears remain, smile disappears.


If I close my eyes

And think of the past,

Would you be there afterwards

Even if this time would be the last?


Who will show me how to smile

Now that you’re gone?

Who will wipe my tears away

As you are the one behind them?


If I had told you how much I needed you,

Would you still be beside me?

I just wanted you to know

That you shall always be my most precious friend.

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