Fighting To Survive

Alice, or Ally, has to fight to survive. Her past doesn't look all that good, but her future might when the Bad Boy notices her.


1. Saved By The Bell

The bright moon was enough light for me to see in this alley. The voices, as loud and annoying as they were, kept me focused. The man in front of me, as tall and ugly as he is, was easy to beat up. He may have acted all tough, but he went down in less than five minutes.

"Looks like we have out winner!" The announcer yelled so everyone can hear. I walked over to Finny and grabbed my money that I earned and walked away.

The next day, I did my usual routine. I showered, dressed, cooked breakfast, then left for school. Father was on the couch so I'm guessing he got home late, again. Mother was probably upstairs, drunker then a sailor.

Upon entering the school, I can hear the girls find over the most popular guy in the school. His name is William Black. He has black hair and blue eyes and plays all kinds of sports. The only reason why I knew this was because of how the girls sigh and squeal about him. I could be down the hall and still hear those girls talk about him.

I personally could careless about the stupid guy. My friend in the other hand was madly in love with him. Sadly, my friend is a guy. Yes, my best friend, and only friend, is gay. I was the only person who stood up for him back in middle school when people started to tease him about being gay. The second I stood up for him, he became attached to my hip. Oh, and speak of the devil.

"Ally!! Those people are mean!" Barrett screamed as he ran towards me. I only rolled my eyes.

When he tackled me into a hug, he started to fake cry in my shoulder.

"What did you do now?" I asked. Barrett, or as I liked to call him Bear, faked a hurt face.

"I'm an angel. I did no wrong!" He tried to argue. I only smiled and shook my head.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well you see, I was on the bleachers watching William practice when a group of girls sneered at me! That's when I yelled at them, they yelled back but!" That's when Bear finally caught his breath and held up his finger. I stood there waiting for him to continue.

"William came over and heard us arguing and he said, and I quote, "Any person can like me, female or male." And the girls glared at me and the second sexy William turned his back, they started to chase me!" Bear took another deep breath and hooked his arm around mine.

"So overall, your dream came true, by your nightmare did too." I said. We walked to class, arms linked.

"Yes! But those bitches can be real.... Bitches!" Barrett exclaimed as he threw his hands in the air. He can be very dramatic but over the few years, I learned to love him.

"Speaking of the sexy god on legs!" Bear yelled as William walked into the room. All the girls started to push their boobs up and try to fix their hair. All I did was put my hood over my face and crossed my arms.

"William!" Bear yelled frantically. William walked over to us with a smirk on his face. I only huffed.

"Thank you for standing up to me this morning!" Bear purred. I almost wanted to puke. As much as I love my friend, he can be like one of those fake girls.

"Your welcome." William said as he sent a wink to Barrett who almost fainted.

"Whose this?" William asked as he looked in my direction.

"Someone who could care less about you." I replied.

"Is that so?" William asked as he lean against my desk. I looked at Barrett for help but he only stared at William like as if he was chocolate or something.

"Yes. If you don't mind, go away." I said as I waved my hand away. I kept my head facing down so he wouldn't see my face.

"Can I at least know your name?" He asked. Just then, the bell rang.

"Saved by the bell." I said as I crossed my arms. I can practically feel William smirking.

"Next time, cupcake." He said in a whisper near my ear. I only flipped him off which made him laugh.

"Stupid jerk." I said.

"He's so sexy though." Bear said in a dreamy voice.

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