1. Ana and Elsa's parents death/Tangled in Frozen

Today's Theory!

We all know Tangled was made 3 years ago and Ana and Elsa's parents died 3 years before Elsa's coronation. 


Is it possible that there parents died going to Rapenzel's coronation? (Theory by my brother!)

From this picture I noticed that Rapunzel and Flynn were animated in Frozen leading to a theory my brother told me.

Three years ago Elsa and Ana's parents died, three years ago Tangled came out. So heres my take on it, Ana and Elsa's parents, (Gonna and call them Richard and Lissa) Richard and Lissa got an invitation from one of their trade partners, it was the Lost Princess's coronation! They were so excited that they found the princess that they would set sail, but then their ship sank. :( Sad right? Rapenzel had heard of Princess Elsa's coronation was going to happen! Rapunzel had felt bad about kinda causing her parents death, so she came.


Sounds believable or do you have a different take on this? Leave it down below!

Also Starble thought I should add this little fun (Not so Sure it's True) fact:

Another reason Rapunzel cam was because Anna and Elsa are her cousins!

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