The Supply Teacher

Lauren Brooks isn't your normal teenager. She goes to MapleWood Heights Academy and lives in the boarding house.
She's always been rebellious , never listened to anyone and most of all , she's always been herself. But then she meets the supply teacher Mr. Styles and suddenly art becomes her favourite lesson. But will she choose her crush or her supply teacher ?(A lot better than it sounds!!!) warning : sexual scenes (._.) and swearing. A lot of it. A. Lot. Like , so much ._. [Yellow for now , MAY become red idk]


2. 2-Partner Work

I'm taking art as a GCSE so I have it pretty much every day. Today we're doing partner work. "Hey," Aidan whispered. I looked at him. "What?" I asked. "What are you drawing ? I can't think if anything," he told me. "An eye." He started drawing...pirates ? He's actually a good drawer , just not a good listener. We had to take our work up to Mr Styles once we finished. It's so quiet. I had one last glance at mine and I took it to him. "I really like this Lauren. Do you mind if I use it as an example?" He asked. I smiled. "Sure. Go ahead," he thanked me and stopped the class. "This is the type of effort I'm looking for. Who's almost finished?" Pretty much the whole class put their hand in the air. "Once you're finished I would like you all to pair up with someone and draw a picture on a canvas together." He placed my work in a tray on his desk. "Would you like to work with me?" Mr Styles asked me. I nodded my head. I drew a line across the canvas. On the top I drew a peaceful city and on the bottom a city full of anger and greed. Mr Styles painted the top and I painted the bottom. The top had bright colours on it and the bottom was mainly black and dark colours.

The bell rang but me and Mr. Styles kept painting. Everyone left the classroom. "Do you want to go to Lunch ?" He asked me , considering it was the lunch bell. I shook my head. "I really want to finish this , it's almost done!" I explained. He flicked paint on me. I laughed. I flicked some back and it turned into a paint war. I started laughing and fell over. "You okay ?" He asked me. I nodded my head. "I'm good. Just a concussion. Mild one , hopefully!" I stated. He helped me up and I looked into his gorgeous eyes. "I...Urm ... I should probably go and get changed. I'll just go back to the house," I picked up my bag and walked out. "Wait," He grabbed my arm "don't be late tonight." He winked at me. I smiled. I ran out the room and suddenly everything started spinning. Holy shit ! I started breathing heavily. Mr. Styles came out and saw me sitting down on the floor.

I woke up and saw white. Don't worry , I don't think I'm dead. I said think. "Are you feeling okay ?" The school nurse asked me. I nodded my head slowly. "I feel a bit dizzy though. My leg kinda hurts too !" I explained. "Well , your leg probably hurts considering it's under your teachers," she smiled "I'm not sure about the dizziness. It's probably because you passed out. Do you feel sick ?" She asked. I shook my head. She walked out and shut the door. "Mr Styles ? Wake up !" I shook his leg. He opened his eyes slightly. Aww , he looked so cute sleeping. What ? Okay..... "You feeling okay ? Are you okay?" He asked me , emphasising the word 'are'. I shrugged my shoulders. He put his hand on my leg and smiled at me. "I'm a little tired and you kinda killed my leg," I smiled. He smirked at me. We stared into each other's eyes for about 1 minute until he planted his lips on mine. He pulled away from me and looked at the floor. "Um sorry," he mumbled "I've got a… class to go to." He got up and was about to walk out when I grabbed his wrist. "Wait. See you after school!" I winked at him and he smiled.

"Alright class , this is my last lesson teaching you. Even though I wasn't here last lesson , but ... Yea. Anyway , I want you to think of America. Draw something that reminds you of America. It could be the flag , The Statue Of Liberty, The White House , cowboys , Barrack Obama or even an eagle!" She explained. "Who are you texting ?" I whispered to Aidan. "My mum," he sniffled a bit and started texting again. "Why?" He looked at me and then started drawing. I put headphones in my ears and listened to my music. I played 'Best Day Of My Life' by American Authors. I started drawing an eagle head surrounded by lightning. "Miss , can I go to the toilets quickly?" I asked. She nodded her head and I ran out. I locked the toilet door and got my phone out. 3 missed calls !? My mum ? What the fuck does she want !? I heard a bell. It can't be the end of lesson , fire bell ? Great. I have to stand next to my crush (alphabetical order) in line. His names John. He's amazing. He always smiles at me. I get all stupid around him. Oh fuck !

"Hey Lauren," John said. Fuck , fuck , fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck. "Hey , John!" I smiled. "You look cold , you ok ?" He asked. Don't say yes , don't. Say. Yes. Did I just argue with myself ? I shrugged my shoulders. Shit ! I've left my leavers jumper in the classroom. Me and John both have blue. Same shade. Yup. "I need to get my jumper. Cover for me?" I asked. "No. You're not going back in there!" Thanks a lot , I'll just let my £20 jumper burn ! "Please?" I begged. "Fine. Let me come with you!" He demanded. I sighed and nodded my head. "We're going around there. We've been marked in. So... Bye!" We shouted to the teachers. We ran inside and smelt smoke. "I think it's coming from the guys toilets." We walked in the art room and saw Mr. Styles. "Mr. Styles ? What are you doing in here ?" I asked. "The door wouldn't open from this side, what are you doing in here ?" He replied. I pointed to my jumper at the back of the class. I quickly ran and grabbed it. "Aidan!" John whispered. "The toilets ! He was crying about something in the lesson. He wouldn't tell me though," I explained. We ran to the toilets and it was full of smoke. "Aidan!" I yelled. There he was. With a rope , round his neck. John and Mr. Styles got him down , thankfully he was still alive. I hugged him. "Don't ever do that. I'm always here. Just come and talk to me next time," I whispered.

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