Lost in Blue

"i guess we are lost"
"no i guess we are dead"


1. Darkness

i was in the middle of nowhere. i was falling into the great big dark scaring nothing. i screamed but no sound surrived here. it was eaten by the smog or fog. or whatever i was surrounded by. i felt something brush against my arm. i felt it on my skin. but i was fully clothed!? i tried to look down at myself but not even my own body i could see. i felt no ground and now i realised i was holding onto something. i checked my hands. Yes, there was something i was holding onto on every end of my hand. i tried to figure out what i was holding. the thing on my left felt hard like a stone or a very old tree. i squeezed a little and i felt it moving in my shock i stopped holding it and lost my balance. my balance in the nothing. i guess whatever i was holding onto wa not that amused about my thightening grip. i didn't fell down i was still on my position before. WHAT IS THIS? i realised a sound. it was not like an normal sound it was dull like if you try to speak under water.

i was under WATER?! i moved and felt how i began to move. but the hand? i tryied to clear my eyes and it worked i saw a deep blue green and grey nothing. like when you are diving right over the ocean just that i doesn't saw light. there was something. it looked like a person. i began to swim forward and i realized it was a guy i grabed his hand and i had no idea where upwards was. i breathed out. i saw way to less bubbles escape my mouth and swimming in a direction. upwards. i followed and soon i reailised i had seen no light becuse it was night. i gasped as i reached the water surface. i pulled the guy up and tryied to keep his face towards the sky. soon i realised where i was. in the middle of an ocean.


*** sorry that it is sooo confusing. but i was confused to while writing it. haha :*) well i hope you like it. who should this guy be?

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