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Rape only happens to girls.


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I have posted this on my new wattpad @five-sos so I am not plagiarizing my own work and bla de bla.

I don't mean to offend anyone by posting this, but in my health class we were talking about this topic and I thought of this...

Hope you like xx





“Mr Hemmings, do you agree with the charges against the accused?” My breath sharpened as countless memories flooded my mind, memories made by the monster sitting across the court room.


“I do, your honour.” I managed to say without my voice cracking. Nine years of torment and this day has finally come. I, along with the countless number of other tvictims, will finally receive justice.








“Faggot!” Verbal abuse was hurled at me everywhere I turned. With tears threatening to fall from my eyes I buried my head into my knees.


‘Be strong Luke! Don’t let them see you down…’ My inner self attempted to reassure me, but to no avail. Tears silently streamed down my cheeks as I prepared for the worst.


“What’s going on here boys?” A deep voice, belonging to Mr Johnson, asked. Slowly raising my head I braced myself for the lies they will conjure to defend themselves.


“We were just mucking around sir, honest!” Jack Transt, said while kicking up small dust clouds.


“Yeah, Luke was in on the joke the whole time sir!” Timmy Hall, added, placing a hand on my shoulder, which I quickly shrugged off, earning a few scowls.


“If you say so. Now run along now boys, lunch is almost over” Mr Johnson voice demanded in a somewhat caring tone. I cautiously got myself up, not wanting to provoke them.


“Luke, I think we need to have a little chat…” Mr Johnson said, ushering me into a nearby classroom.


“T-talk ab-bout what?” I shakily asked, attempting to calm myself.


“Luke, have those boys ever physically hurt you?” I bit my lip, trying to remember if they had or not.


“Only a few times” I whispered, hoping that he didn’t hear. But by the mortified look on his face, I knew he heard me.


We talked for a little longer, but with about five minutes until the end of lunch something changed in him. His eyes quickly scanning every inch of the room and sweat started to build up on his forehead.


“Mr Johnson? Is everything alright?” I asked with my voice hinting with fear.


“Yes, everything is fine Luke.” He replied with a smirk plastered across his features as he twisted the lock on the classroom door.


His eyes narrowed in on me as he took long, quick strides to re-join me on the teacher’s desk.




“Mr Johnson? What are yo-“


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