Wincest Oneshots

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1. mer!sam

Dean had been walking up and down the bridge for a while now. Contemplating what he was about to do. His dad was gone, some demon or something got to him. But now bobby too, the bobby that practically raised him. And of all the ways for a hunter to go, some dumbass drunk driver ran him off the road and into the water that flowed beneath this very bridge.

There was nothing keeping him here now. Everyone he loved was gone. Sure there was the family business: saving people, hunting things. But Dean didn’t have any family left. And he didn’t want the job anymore.

Quickly, not giving himself time to back down. Dean put on 20 pound ankle weights and climbed onto the railings of the bridge. He didn’t look down, because Dean winchester, the mighty fearless hunter, had an irrational fear of heights.

He dangled his feet over the ledge and stared long and hard at the moon that hung steadily in the sky “goodbye” he thought, before realizing that he no longer had anyone to say goodbye to. And then he jumped


Sam swam aimlessly through the ocean. Being a merman wasn’t exactly his cup of tea. He missed being human, yet he couldn’t even remember how long it’s been since he had legs. Hell, he doesn’t remember how he became a merman.

Now merpeople aren’t anything like that ridiculous disney movie. They aren’t good things.

Their entire existence was to drag helpless sailors to their death. Of course Sam tried to fight it. But that was his only purpose. Trying to fight it was like trying to stop a human from eating. You either cave or die.

Sam had left the sanctuary most merpeople called home. He didn’t fit in there. They had excepted their role in the sea, but Sam planned to fight it. He was dangerously close to shore. He would die if he stayed this close to land.

He probably should die, before he hurt any more people. There were other risks that came with being so close, like the fact that after he died a human could come across his corpse. There was always the chance that his body could be labeled as a hoax. But what if it wasn’t?

If people found out that merpeople did exist his entire species would be whipped out. Some sick son of a bitch would decide merpeople tasted good or a hunter would kill them all. It just wouldn’t end well no matter what.


Sam was pulled from his thoughts when a man plunged into the shallow water. Sam didn’t even breathe as he swam quickly as he could to the dark shape sinking to the bottom of the river.

The shallow water was already taking it’s toll on Sam’s swimming ability, but he could still kick some major butt in that Olympics thing the humans did. But he pushed these thoughts aside as he reached the man and took him gently into his arms.

Imagine not eating for a week, then having a warm fresh-out-of-the-oven pie placed in front of you. Now imagine that feeling of need multiplied my 100. That’s how Sam felt. Every cell in his body willed him to drag the man to the sand beneath the water and hold him there until he felt the man’s life slowly slip away.

Sam struggled against his nature as he held the man gently yet firmly against his chest and swam to the surface. Laying him gently against some large rocks that lay under the bridge.

The man slowly opened his eyes and coughed roughly. Sam’s eyes widened when they registered the red liquid trailing down the man’s abdomen. Blood. He must have hit some rocks or something on the way down.

“Angel” the man gasped softly, but Sam ignored it, he was too busy freaking out.

“How can I help?” Sam asked frantically. His hand touching the man’s exposed skin with a feather light touch.

“Don’t!” The man chocked out “let me go.”


Dean looked into the angel’s eyes. He was pretty sure the creature was an angel. It just so happened to show up at the last moments of his life, it was gorgeous; it had a beauty to it that no human could ever possess, and it invoked this calmness, even as it was freaking out.

Dean smiled weakly and lifted one of his hands to hold the angel’s wrist. “I’m okay.”

The angel didn’t say anything. Just shook his head and whimpered. Dean felt something tug at his chest but he couldn’t name the emotion. He felt like he had something precious in his hands but it was slipping quickly.

He looked up into the angel’s eyes and his thoughts stopped abruptly. The unknown emotion ran ravingly through his body. And his heartbeat slowed.

“Nonononono…” The angel was chanted the word with a look of pure horror on his face and Dean frowned. An expression that ugly didn’t belong on his angel. Dean again lifted his hand but this time he brought it to the angel’s cheek, making it look at him.

The angel’a expression softened and Dean sighed. He could let go now. Gazing into his angels eyes. His only regret not being able to spend more time with him.


Sam’s watched the light drain out of the man’s eyes. There was a moment, a minute, an eternity, of nothing before his senses filled with pain.

It was nothing like Sam had ever felt before. The pain was emotional, but it was so strong that he could feel it physically. Sobs wracked his body and he gathered the lifeless man into his arms.

Sam was overwhelmed with an unfamiliar sadness. He somehow sensed that this man was supposed to mean something. It was impossible, but Sam felt like they were supposed to be part of each other’s lives.

But that was crazy, and it didn’t matter anyways. He was too late and would never know.

And Sam just sat there. With the man in his arms. Rocking him back and forth gently with tears streaming down his face and his soul crying along with him.


something weird happened to my computer while I was editing this so I’m not sure all the edits were saved but hopefully you get the idea

thanks to @bird—butt for the prompt and yeah, I’m not too proud of this so I’m sorry if you think it sucks

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