I am Intelligent

When Tris discovers that she's Divergent, she can't decide what faction to choose: Abnegation, Dauntless, or Erudite. Finally, she chooses. Will she regret her decision, or will she know that's where she belongs?


1. Chapter one

“Beatrice, your results were inconclusive... you display equal aptitude for Abnegation, Dauntless, and Erudite. People who get this kind of result are… are called …Divergent... Divergence is extremely dangerous. You understand?” Tori's words rang through my ears as I walked home to Abnegation. How could you fit into more than one faction? And how could it be dangerous? But the way Tori spoke about my divergence, she must know something. But how am I supposed to choose a faction in time for the Choosing Ceremony tomorrow?

I walk at a brisk pace with these thoughts running through my head. When I finally got home, I sat on the grey step and waited for Caleb.
As soon as he saw me, he knew something was wrong. He said his goodbyes to Susan and Robert, our neighbors. We went inside and immediately after the door closed he asked, "Why were you home early today?"
"The serum made me sick." I stared at the ground.
Caleb knew me better than that, though. He took my cheeks in one hand and my eyes met his, "What. Happened. During. The. Test?"
"You know I'm not supposed to tell you."
"Oh, Beatrice. Of all the rules you've broken. And you won't break this one?" We had walked towards his room and he opened the door.
"Then what were your results?" He didn't answer, but the books spread across his bed for enjoyment were a giveaway. Caleb rushed over to the books and piled them up, quickly saying, "They were just for some homework."
I know I shouldn't say anything, so I just nod knowingly and leave.
So my brother was going to choose Erudite. I should have known that. It was obvious, the way he always got good grades and turned his homework in before everyone else. I could never do that.

But my aptitude results said that I would be successful in Erudite. I don't want to leave my parents, but I just don't fit in Abnegation.
There's also Dauntless. I've always admired them. For their bravery, the risks they are willing to take, their loud voices. But I wouldn't fit in their either. I've been quite and stiff my whole life, how am I supposed to change that quickly?
But, if I choose Erudite, I don't have to be so... stiff, without risking my life. And I'll still have my brother.

All these thoughts are racing through my head, but I think I've finally made a decision: I am Intelligent. I am Erudite.

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