The Day My Life Started To Turn Around

Emilyah (pronounced Emily-ahh) is a 17 year old girl who lives in Cali. Her life basically sucks until 5 boys turn it around. Will she fall for one of the boys? Will her happiness last? Will someone come into her life and try to ruin everything? Will she ever become famous?


4. That Moment

Hey guys, sorry the last chapter was so short but hopefully you guys enjoyed it. This chapter is where they finally kiss. :) enjoy! ~Emily

Niall's POV:

She tried to sit up with a little difficulty so I went and grabbed some good pills that I like to use when I have headaches and I got her a glass of water and brought them to her. She took them and smiled a beautiful white smile and thanked me. I smiled and tried not to blush. I had to try not to stare at her because she was just so cute.

Emilyah's POV:

He was so nice and brought me pills and water to make my head feel better. He would make an amazing boyfriend, too bad I'm not good enough for him. The boys all got up to go do their vocal warm-ups but Niall refused to leave me.

I saw Zayn's face light up as if he had gotten an idea. I gave him a confused look and he spoke up and said, "Emilyah, you are a good singer. Why don't you lead us with our warm-up."

I replied saying "1. You guys can call me Em or Emmi, and 2. I would love to help you guys! Let's go to the stage so you get a feel to how your voices will echo." The boys all nodded in agreement and we made our way to the stage.

We went onto the stage and the boys stood there in awe. I took a guess and assumed that they had never performed here before. We started with the simple DO RE MI's to warm up and then we moved into songs.

I had them sing C'mon C'mon and when they were done i gave them pointers. "Zayn, you must love this song." I said. "Why's that?" He asked. "Oh well I assumed that because I can barely hear anyone else, especially Niall because he's quiet as it is, so it looked like he was just mouthing the words. And y'all need to listen to each other when you harmonize."

They nodded in understanding so I had them sing it again and it sounded amazing! "Wow, that was amazing guys!" I said to them after they finished. "Niall, I could actually hear you!" I said hugging him.

As I pulled away from the hug i saw him blush and try to hide it so i said "AWE! Look how cute Niall is when he blushes!" And the boys chimed in with their awe's and Niall ran up to me and threw me over his shoulder and started to run around.

It was maybe a minute later that Niall was running and he tripped over a chord at the edge of the stage and we fell off the stage. I don't know how he did it, but as we were falling he spun himself around so that we were face to face and I landed on him as we hit the ground.

Our faces were about 4 inches from each other's and I leaned closer to kiss him but he rolled me off of him so i was laying on my back right next to him and then he shushed me.... I was so confused.

All of sudden i hear the boys coming closer to us, but they are still in the stage. Niall gets up and gently grabs my hands and helps me up and then we quickly but quietly go around the side of the stage to backstage to hide from the boys, he never let go of one of my hands though. I was confused because he wouldn't kiss me, but he'll hold my hand.

We ran to the dressing room while he was still holding my hand and as we it to the room he opened the door and gestured me to go first. I walked in and turned around after i heard the door close behind us and I suddenly felt a pair of lips crash into mine with such passion. The butterflies in my stomach were going wild.

We kept kissing and soon enough we were making out. "I am making out with NIALL FREAKING HORAN!" I thought to myself. When we had first started kissing his hands were on my upper back and as time went on they slowly made their way to my bum, where they are right now.

As for my hands, they started out one on each pec and then they wrapped behind his neck and my fingers were/ still are tangled in his hair.

He pulled his head away from mine and grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the couch. He say down normally and he grabbed my waist and sat me down on top of him so that each of my knees were on either side of his sides next to his thighs, basically I was straddling him, and we started kissing more and he slid his hands up my back inside my shirt.

His hands were as cold as ice and I pulled away and said, "stop it! Your hands are so cold!" I tried to squirm and get bout of his grip but he held me tighter. I stopped and started to tickle his sides and he instantly let go and started laughing really hard.

I had finally escaped his grip and I started running towards the door but i didn't see him run and he tripped me and I landed right on his stomach and tried to army crawl away but his hands grasped around my ankle and they flipped me onto my back and pulled me towards him.

The door opened and in walked the boys silently but neither me nor Nialler had heard them come in. Once Niall pulled me to him he said, "why were you army crawling? We aren't in the army you know." I laughed and pretended to grab a pistol out if my belt (even though I wasn't wearing one), and put my hand in the shape of a hand gun and pointed it at Niall and he put his hands up in surrender before I said, "bang."

He put his hand on his chest and started gasping for breath and I was dying of laughter when he fell foreword onto me. It didn't hurt as much since he had been on his knees. After a while he propped himself up do that he was still on top of me but he was holding himself up by his arms. He bent down and started kissing me again when Harry cleared his throat.

Niall's POV:

"Why did Harry have to fucking interrupt?!" I thought to myself. I stopped kissing her and sighed then got off of her and was about to help her up when Harry grabbed her bridal style and ran out the door yelling, "if you ever wanna see this beauty again, come get her!!" He laughed his evil laugh but it never sounds evil.

I ran full speed after him and to get him down I dove and grabbed his left ankle. By this time we were out on the stage close to the edge. I had forgotten about Emmi who was in his arms but as he went down, Em flew off the stage. I heard a loud thunk when she hit the ground. I jumped off the stage and ran to her side with worry in my eyes.

She looked at me and I saw that her eyes were filled with tears but you could tell she was trying not to cry. I felt so bad I looked at her knee when she let go of it and there was already a huge bruise forming. I started saying "Love, I'm so sor-" but she interrupted me and said "I'm fine but my headache is coming you think I can have-". This time it was my turn to interrupt. "Of course you can." I said.

She replied saying "Thanks. And..could you...maybe-..." "Yes, I will carry you." I interrupted once more. She had been talking really softly. I slowly picked her up bridal style and walked backstage to the dressing room. As I was walking, I kept staring at her.

I set her down outside the door but had my arms around her waist for support. She looked up at me and said "I'll be okay. It was fun hanging out with you guys so it's worth the pain." She winked at me and I let out a little laugh.

Then she stood on her tiptoes and kissed my nose. I opened the door for her but kept my arms around her waist. We walked in and froze. I will not be able to unsee what I just saw.

Sorry that it took me so long to update.... :/ but here is is!!! More to come! :D ~Emmi(:

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