Drip, drip, blood drops

Drip, drip, blood drops! I thought vampires belonged to the imagination. I thought the movies just wanted us to be afraid. I thought Dracula was a former idiot. I thought as much, until I met Louis Tomlinson. He wasn't the person he pretended to be and he wasn't human


24. The final hill

Louis showed up and as soon as he got to see us, he seemed to almost come off. He walked halfway up the hill and stopped. 
"Are you nuts?" he hissed. "You think you can put yourself up against me?" 
I chose to try to be invisible. Harry smiled and nodded. 
"Yes, we put ourselves up against you. We are tired of the way you operate and you can't do as you please." 
Louis frowned. 
"So you don't want to be in my new kingdom? I will be rich and I'll make us great." 
"Not with my wife!" said Niall quickly. "Not by running over us." 
Louis laughed and looked at me. 
"I see that you think you can stop me. She doesn't even know how to use an ax and I don't think she's going to kill me. Right sweetheart?" 
I didn't answer. I felt silly as I stood with an ax. Harry held a sword and he clearly showed that he wasn't afraid of Louis.
"You have got two choices. You leave us alone and leave your plans behind you. Or we kill you."
Louis was amused and he took a few steps toward us.
"You know I'm fast?"
I saw Zayn and he picked up a knife.
"Louis let's end this peacefully and we telling you to put down everything."
Louis laughed scornfully.
"You guys are idiots!"
I didn't have time. One moment he was standing halfway up the hill, the next second he was standing right in front of Harry with cold red eyes. 
"You challenge me?" 
Niall was about to lift up his weapon, but Louis struck away his sword and laughed cold. 
"I'm faster than you. I'm older than you. I'm bigger than you!"
Zayn was about to stab him. Louis just made a motion and then flew Zayn off into the air several feet away. Harry looked frightened, but he still looked like a warrior. 
"Stop killing us!" 
Louis laughed and he showed all his teeth so you could see his fangs. 
"I can fucking kill whoever I want. I'm your leader." 
"Not anymore!" 
Louis grabbed Harry's throat and lifted him up. With a simple throw, he threw him away and then he did the same thing with Niall. I was left alone and I noted that I still was in the circle. Louis came towards me and he stopped at a distance. 
"Come on and give yourself up. Nobody can beat me."
I was shaking all over and held the ax with both hands. I stood and Louis laughed cold. His red eyes glowed really against me and I saw a whole new person. He grinned like the devil, and he stared at me. 
"You're just a small piece of the puzzle, sweetheart. You have nothing to do with resistance and you aren't developed yet to be as big as you can get. Give up and I promise to give you everything." 
"Don't listen to him!" I heard Niall say. I swallowed and lowered my eyes. I didn't dare to look at Louis. 
"You give up and you get more than you can dream of." 
Niall came up behind Louis and was about to wield a weapon in the air. Louis just spun around and threw him away. I was shaking now all over and I chose to stand absolutely still.


Louis went around me. He kept his distance and he looked straight at me. I felt scared and I looked over at the others. They struggled to stand up. Zayn took a cudgel and he went against Louis. Harry tried to get the other side against Louis and I saw that they were tense. Niall sat and had sore legs.
"Why the hell don't you give up?" shouted Louis and flew himself at Harry. He choked on the curl-haired guy and immediately came Zayn towards him from behind. That was fast. Louis kicked back and the foot fell between Zayns legs. He threw off Harry and then he turned to Zayn. With a rapidly while he took the sword that Harry had had and swung it in the air. He cut straight down towards Zayn and cut off his head. I screamed and closed my eyes. I heard how the body fell down and I just wanted to die. 

I don't know where Harry disappeared. When I opened my eyes I saw Zyns head and his body. I looked over at Niall, who seemed just as scared as I was. Louis spun around and looked at him, I realized that Louis would kill Niall. My whole body buckled down and I saw Louis taking a few steps towards Niall. 
"You'll fucking die you fucking Irish."
I don't know where I got the strength from. I left the circle and I flew over to Louis. I swung the ax and in a swing, I met his neck. I closed my eyes when I felt that it cut through the neck and I screamed. I stood and shouted long afterwards and I felt Niall ran over to me and held me tight around my body. 
"It's over!" he whispered. I screamed anyway and in the end I fell just up against the grass. Niall let me not go, and he held tight his arms around me. "Darling, it's over!"

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