Feels like Flying

Fifteen year old Charlotte or 'Lotty' has always been a speed freak. Everyone's said so. She's constantly being caught racing across traffic or speeding down the pavement of a hill, but the best of all, that only a few know of, is the track down the local scrap yard, where the owner has built a racing track which she and her mate Jude are constantly racing on using an old Ford.
Summers just begun and rather than having the whole seven weeks to run riot, she's stuck helping her aunt clean one of the holiday houses on the beach. Though the people who live there are hell bent on changing everything for her because they know more about her than she does.


1. Tourists and Porsches


Chapter One ~ Tourists and Porsches


In a sleepy tourist town like mine, there’s nothing more exciting than a filthy rich family coming to stay for the summer; all because they drive gorgeous cars.

I watch hungrily as the new Porsche Carrera GT drives past; at zero to sixty in three point nine seconds, that baby is fast.

“What I wouldn’t give to drive that.” Jude murmurs beside me as he tosses back M&Ms in the hand full; the boy’s always eating sweets, it’s a surprise that he doesn’t way a ton, yet he’s one of the best eye-candies we have in our little, mind numbingly boring town.

“Imagine racing that round the track at the Yard.” I say nicking a few M&Ms out of his cupped hand.

He shakes his head in disagreement as the car slinks further down the road and out of sight. “No, you’d need a motor way or something like that to do it justice.” We’re not related but you’d think so by the way our minds are always going in the same direction; one of the reasons he’s my best friend.

Neither of us are old enough for a licence, he can get a permit as he’s sixteen but he says he ‘can’t be bothered’ not that that matters down at the Yard. As long as you have money or know the owner as well as we do, you can race, though we borrow the owner’s bet up old Ford seeing as we don’t have cars, in return we work on it with the parts he gives us; Jude does most of the work, but everyone knows that the hard part is supervising. 

The street is filled with tourists with backpacks taking pictures and buying souvenirs from the many shops. Not all the shops are for the tourists, many are just shops for the people who live here like Jude and I.

“Don’t you have to be at your aunt’s about now?” Jude asks as he drops his board onto the floor and pushes forward onto it, letting him glide forward.

I follow his gaze to the shop that sells old, used books and to the clock that’s above the door. “Yep. She’s going to kill me; I’m supposed to be helping her with her new client.” I drop my board with clatter and push forward, peddling until I have a decent enough speed. When the pavement becomes too crowded with people, I jump down into the road; it’s safe enough as it’s a one way street and the cars drive slowly because the street’s so small.

“Want to tag along? She might pay you; I know the house she has to clean is huge, or so she says.” I look back at him over my shoulder; he follows at a lazy crawl looking like he’s going to fall asleep.

“I haven’t got anything to do. Are the owners of the house there now? I’m just wondering if it’s the Porsche owner.” He grins at the idea and I can’t help but smile as well, but if they were home she’d make me wear a polo like hers and shorts or a skirt; she’d never let me clean their house in a crop top of all things.

“I doubt it. She’d make me wear a uniform if they were.”  I move into an empty parking space alongside the road as a car comes up behind us.

Jude comes up beside me and puts a hand on my shoulder to steady himself as he stops. “I can imagine you in a maid uniform.”

What he’s imagining pops into my mind and sock him in the arm before pushing off again; I get so close to the Audi that I grab a hold of the boot and get down in a crouch as the car does all the work for me. Jude seems to like the idea as he follows suit.

“Where’s the house?” He asks as he steadies me when I lose my balance; He puts his arm across my stomach as gravity kicks in when the road dips and threatens to take us under the car, he’s stronger than me so he doesn’t find it as hard to keep the board from slipping under the car, me not so much.

“It’s down on the beach, its right down at the end; way too far for us to hoof.” The car ride is only going to be filled with the things that need to be done; not a very exciting conversation but necessary none the less.

“Now remember-”

I interrupt him, “Don’t stop, I know.”

As the car turns right, I straighten from my crouch using the boot to help me before pushing off to the left and peddling till I’m racing across the road with a nice amount of speed; keeping my mind away from the cars that have to step on the brakes to keep from hitting both Jude and I.

I realise too late that I’ve got too much speed and whether it’s the transition from the road to pavement of the wall straight ahead, I’m going to crash.

He’s ahead of me and bumps up onto the pavement before stopping and turning-

His arm wraps around my waist as I go to speed past him; my feet go out from beneath me and I wince when my board hit the wall with painful smash.

“You always do that! When are you going to learn?” He sighs as he settle me back onto my feet before gliding forward and grabbing my board for me; he inspects it and when he deems it fine, rolls it towards me.

“I just-”

“Go too fast? I know, I gathered.” He shakes his head as he pushes forward ahead of me.

“Come on, Your Highness; let’s go before your aunt has your head.”

With a sigh, I push on and peddle till I’m cruising beside him.


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