Inside a Notebook ≫ Harry Styles a.u.

a story in which a damaged and anxiety stricken boy and a poetry and risk obsessed girl take on adventures together in the least likely way possible. will they survive their adrenaline filled, edgar allan poe influenced, intoxicatingly romantic adventure filled with love, challenges, heartbreaking memories and hope for each other?

(based on lily and dash's book of adventures)


1. Inside a Notebook ≫ styles a.u.


harry styles has a past filled with memories he didn't want to relive. at 19, he has been diagnosed with anxiety and has become introverted. he didn't like talking to anyone that much. until one day, he finally did, just not with his mouth but with a pen and an old tattered journal.

she asked her questions on the left,

he answered them on the right.

she gave him a set of challenges on the left,

he tried his best to answer them on the right.

she told him her life story on the left,

he fell for her on the right.

"so, where did you meet her?" he asked me.

"inside a notebook."

written based on the style of dash & lily's book of dares but has no relation to the book itself whatsoever.

and before you carry on reading, i would like to thank you for merely reading this, it means so much to me especially since i've devoted a lot of my time to this story and wish nothing more but to please and entertain you all. whether this may or may not even be read at all, my gratitude is still at the highest possible degree. 

​ps i don't really talk like ^, we can be homies and ill take you a lot less srsly.

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