My Sorella


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LIFE IS LONELY without anyone your age. Of course, I have a loving family and supportive teachers—I don’t mean to brag but I am the brightest student in my year and I am the teacher’s pet—but I sit alone at lunch and recess. Does it bother me? Mostly. The time that could be spent talking to friends is used more efficiently on working on assignments or extra time to complete homework tasks. Yes, it is stressful but I live through it. But sometimes, just sometimes, I regret thinking this. I wish I were like all those other children chatting away with their friends. I wish I, Angelique Andrews, could have a best friend whom I could reveal my deepest darkest secrets to. Someone who would understand me and be there for me through thick and thin, for these dark days of teenage metamorphosis can turn you upside down and have your personality reversed completely. And most of the time, parents and caregivers do not understand it. Our emotional and moody roller coasters can drive them up the wall for really, they are unbearable, and we suffer the consequences for something we do not even intend, though the more intelligent people can control it. I must admit, I am smart academically but not when it comes to life problems. I cannot handle the pressure life emits. Because of this, I simply cannot control my emotions and my moods. I feel as though I am life’s bullseye, simply a target for it to shoot its darts at. Yes, I must be honest; life is a sharp, agonising knife stabbing me in my heart. I am mentally dying inside, filled with deep melancholy, though somehow I manage to keep it in.

But one amazing day, the tables were to be turned for my frustrating fate.

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