Radioactive - The beginning

The world is in ruins and almost everything is radioactive. This is the world Zeia lives and thrives in.
A factionsless world with no rules, and everyday being a fight for survival.
Zeia is on her own, just like she has always been, but when she meets the survivors from Dauntless something changes and she is forced to look at the world in another way.


1. Welcome to the world of the factionless

Welcome to the world of the factionless.

As I looked over the once skyscrapers and the once beautiful city, everything inside of me turned. I wanted to laugh at their world, because it had never been my own. My world was filled with ruins and abandoned places.

They were in my world now, because of themselves and I didn’t feel an ounce of pity for them.

I mean why the hell would I help them? They had never helped me… and I wasn’t a goddamn girl from the Abnegation, I wasn’t selfless.

They had been separated into five factions, those were the good ones, the ones were you got clothes and good food. The ones where you had a choice in what kind of life you wanted.

And then there was my faction; the factionless. We were the poor, the ones that had not been able to adapt to the faction we had chosen, the ones that didn’t belong in a faction.

So we had the shit jobs, and we were made dependent on charity and the kindness of Abnegation. I hated the factions; I hated the world I had been born into.

It wasn’t often that a child had been born into being a factionless, but it happened, and I was one of those children.

I looked over the world that they had adored, the world that they had thought was perfect. They had been unable to see its flaws and I wanted to flaunt them in their face.

Greed had ruled in the end just like any other place, and it had destroyed them.

Evil had thrived inside the mind of the Abnegation. They had just been good at hiding it, masking it.

But as a factionless you see everything, but they don’t see you. They don’t notice you, you are invisible.

I smiled as I saw one of the buildings far, far away explode and the toxic fumes rose to the sky. This was our world now, everyone was factionless and everyone was equal.

It wasn’t all that had survived the sonic blast from the Erudite headquarter, seven years ago, they had said it was an accident, I called bullshit on that. I just think they didn’t know that, that bomb would blow up their own headquarter and make 79% of the world’s soil radioactive, making food something that was very hard to come by.  The bomb had been named Eruhai.

The numbers of living people had been cut into a fifth, because of the blast and the lack of food, and those left were all made factionless. Not that I think they cared about that. I think they wanted the same thing I wanted; to survive.

 There was just one thing that made me superior to them and that was the fact that I had always been factionless, and I had never had anything to rely on. I had to take care of myself the same I always had. I had grown up in this world, and the only change there was now, was that there was more people and the territory had grown bigger.

I had only one thing to say to all of them;

Welcome to my world bitches, I hope you die. 


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